Dawn of The Auto Archer


it shoots flare which i

it shoots flare which i usually don't level up and which does less damage than ordinary shot and i have no way to forbid it, it attempts to shoot any skill off cd regardless of stamina level i.e. for instance it repeatedly tries to shoot steady shot with insufficient stamina instead of ordinary shot, also it doesn't prioritize targets (well it's too much to ask). generally it's not much difference from ordinary play if you set automatic reload when there are no visible enemies like i always do

p.s. you would better created a thread on the forum for feedback

Yeah, I realized the stamina

Yeah, I realized the stamina issue after playing for a while. I'll make a thread with a bit more detail, but I'll planning to make a menu entry where you can choose which shots it'll fire. This addon also reloads when you're out of ammo during a fight, which otherwise requires manual intervention.

Thanks for the feedback