More Taints Fixed - Bamboo Edition

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Fixes an error caused by this mod when trying to curse items. Line 342 of AlterTalents.lua changed to "self:incIncStat(self.STAT_WIL, -2)" Does not require the Original More Taints, but will remove if asked. Original by HousePet, forked by grayaegis to fix curse errors, forked again by mannendake due to taints not actually generating and making descriptions/races more compatible.

Better inscription information

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Improves the default inscription information to include such things as health per turn/sustained health per turn for regeneration infusions etc.
Modifies the short descriptions in inventory to show more useful information before scrolling.
Adds base and scaling information to the end of long descriptions.
Changes "of the x" to [Stat] ([Str], [Wil], etc) to save space
Only modifies infusion short descriptions for now since I really just wanted it for the average regen information, but may do runes too at some point. (Still changes runes to [Stat] and adds scaling to long desc)

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