disruption shield

Rest to a limited mana percentage

Short Name: 

Change rest to consider a certain percentage of mana sufficient to stop resting.

Tweaked Arcane Aether

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Takes 0players fix for arcane permation (66 percent arcane 34 other resistance)(tweak disabled atm til toggleable and nonsuperloading), optional tweak for disruption shield (tweaks disruption shield to be useable at 33 percent, nerfs the damage cap to 1.75 instead of 2.00, and lowers cooldown by 5 to 25), includes altered version of expermental hate as optional tweak, made phase door rune work in controlled phased door areas as intended, optional tweak for nulls crystal races to allow steamtech for them, togglable tweak to the golemancy tree to fix golems to be changed to work with steamtech (golems don't need to pay gold for steamtech unlock) with tweaks to enable steamtech and taints, optional tweaks for disabling rares from using certain classes (allows you to disable rares from using hedgeknight, oozemancer, or any combination of the tinker classes, a togglable expermental hate option (included with premission and slight changes), option to revert inferno pettiness's hedgeknight boss toggle (if you use that mod anyway), optional toggle to disable most of hedgeknight's petal skills for npcs, and toggleable tweak for necromancy+ (enabling one of the skills to effect all summons). All current tweaks are optional (with some enabled by defualt but will only effect files if certain files are present).

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