Barachi Joke

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Makes an unpleasant joke about frog people.

Barachi -- Playable Race

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Adds Barachim, a froglike race, as a playable race selectable in all campaigns. They have been adapted from their original appearance in Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup in order to better gel with ToME's gameplay and lore.

Barachim are stationary fighters with an innate aptitude for handling the fundamental elements of Fire, Cold, Acid, and Lightning. The more they use a specific element, the more attuned they become to it, increasing their power dramatically as an encounter goes on. They can further use their attunement to the elements to stoke the faint vestige of divine power they still possess, enhancing their ability to use talents; the most powerful barachim can summon a bountiful fountain of water to heal and purify their bodies and drench their enemies. However, they suffer a 30% movement speed penalty when on dry land, relying primarily on their Leapfrog talent to hop around the battlefield and reposition themselves.

Barachi are best suited as tanks or elemental casters, staking out a position on the battlefield and steadily building momentum as they manipulate the elements to their advantage, shrugging off their foes' attacks and retaliating with an accelerating barrage of specialised combat abilities that tip the scales increasingly in their favour.

Humility and hardship forge truly indomitable wills, adventurer. Through fire and flood, darkness and blood, we remain.

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