Class: Bombardier

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A new Bombardier class which is a variant of the Alchemist. Bombardiers forgo using a golem in order to focus more on the effects of their bombs and their own combat viability.


- No golem.
- Bombs never hurt self or allies.
- Flame bombs can stun, Ice bombs can slow and freeze, Acid bombs can disarm, and Lightning bombs can daze.
- Alchemy infusion sustain cooldowns are reduced to 10 and the usage speed made instant to encourage switching.
- The second talent in each alchemy tree is now a passive bomb effect that buffs self and allies or, in the case of the Explosives tree, debuffs enemies. The Smoke Bomb talent from the flame-alchemy tree was removed for one of these passive bomb effects.

Generic talents

- technique/combat-training
- spell/stone-alchemy
- spell/staff-combat
- cunning/survival (locked)
- spell/aegis (locked)
- spell/conveyance (locked)

Class talents

- cunning/tactical
- cunning/trapping
- spell/enhancement
- spell/explosives -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Explosive Admixtures
- spell/flame-alchemy -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Fire Alchemy
- spell/ice-alchemy -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Frost Alchemy
- cunning/artifice (locked)
- spell/caustic-alchemy (locked) -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Acid Alchemy
- spell/lightning-alchemy (locked) -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Energy Alchemy

- v1.0.0 Initial release.
- v1.0.1 Fix Flash Freeze.

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