NameGameLast updated
Daribailaer the level 2 Doomelf Mindslayertome1 year 7 weeks ago
Raal the level 16 Doomelf Sun Paladintome1 year 7 weeks ago
Nalyanaeon the level 13 Drem Temporal Wardentome1 year 7 weeks ago
Dopalar the level 10 Drem Archmagetome1 year 7 weeks ago
Star the level 46 Lich Necromancertome1 year 7 weeks ago
Darsien the level 14 Doomelf Shadowbladetome1 year 7 weeks ago
Xana the level 15 Orc Gunslingertome1 year 7 weeks ago
Emelada the level 11 Orc Psyshottome1 year 7 weeks ago
Rohur the level 12 Drem Arcane Bladetome1 year 7 weeks ago
Vaolxim the level 6 Drem Demonologisttome1 year 8 weeks ago
She Who Sees What Is To C the level 50 Shalore Writhing Onetome1 year 8 weeks ago
She Who Feels the Past the level 2 Shalore Writhing Onetome1 year 8 weeks ago
Jorra Dragonborn the level 14 Dwarf Wyrmictome1 year 8 weeks ago
Artdiy the level 50 Thalore Temporal Wardentome1 year 8 weeks ago
Forgan the Mighty the level 50 Dwarf Bulwarktome1 year 8 weeks ago
The Valley of Death the level 22 Shalore Writhing Onetome1 year 8 weeks ago
Saryaen the level 11 Shalore Roguetome1 year 8 weeks ago
Correei the level 9 Cornac Sawbutchertome1 year 8 weeks ago
Evaigi the level 4 Cornac Anorithiltome1 year 8 weeks ago
Nalylvul the level 18 Halfling Paradox Magetome1 year 8 weeks ago
The One Who Waits the level 22 Ogre Writhing Onetome1 year 9 weeks ago
Veesheek the level 50 Yeek Oozemancertome1 year 9 weeks ago
Leviathan the level 17 Shalore Archmagetome1 year 9 weeks ago
Stonewarden the level 15 Dwarf Wyrmictome1 year 9 weeks ago
Evangeline the level 32 Halfling Shadowbladetome1 year 9 weeks ago