NameGameLast updated
Yvolaith the level 13 Ghoul Temporal Wardentome2 weeks 1 day ago
Ce'Nayana the level 4 Skeleton Archertome2 weeks 5 days ago
Gusai the level 16 Dwarf Stone Wardentome2 weeks 5 days ago
Gotla the level 14 Dwarf Oozemancertome4 weeks 2 days ago
Linerek the level 20 Yeek Solipsisttome5 weeks 14 hours ago
Yaai the level 6 Doomelf Sun Paladintome5 weeks 6 days ago
Erar the level 6 Doomelf Writhing Onetome5 weeks 6 days ago
Rtednet the level 12 Higher Archmagetome6 weeks 5 days ago
Neis the level 10 Krog Doomedtome6 weeks 5 days ago
Sinie the level 50 Krog Mindslayertome7 weeks 5 days ago
Lerar the level 8 Drem Archmagetome9 weeks 1 day ago
Inadon the level 18 Drem Necromancertome9 weeks 1 day ago
Lyndahe the level 18 Higher Cultist of Entropytome9 weeks 2 days ago
Levoor the level 19 Drem Stone Wardentome9 weeks 4 days ago
Athenma the level 23 Krog Oozemancertome9 weeks 5 days ago
Irinbet the level 13 Drem Doombringertome11 weeks 2 days ago
Faeiris the level 26 Krog Oozemancertome11 weeks 2 days ago
Faeiris the level 2 Krog Oozemancertome11 weeks 4 days ago
Ivied the level 11 Higher Necromancertome11 weeks 4 days ago
Jiniya the level 9 Krog Maraudertome11 weeks 4 days ago
Zaar the level 12 Ogre Wyrmictome11 weeks 5 days ago
Allkane the level 9 Dwarf Oozemancertome11 weeks 6 days ago
Paaye the level 2 Yeek Solipsisttome11 weeks 6 days ago
Lwal the level 17 Krog Mindslayertome12 weeks 7 hours ago
Lyar the level 14 Higher Cultist of Entropytome12 weeks 14 hours ago