NameGameLast updated
Necro the level 6 Doomelf Necromancertome1 day 21 hours ago
Blight the level 41 Drem Reavertome1 day 21 hours ago
Gatha the level 40 Thalore Oozemancertome2 days 6 hours ago
Zombie dude the level 50 Ghoul Doombringertome7 weeks 9 hours ago
Minataur the level 31 Bull Minotaurtome7 weeks 14 hours ago
Psy the level 50 Cornac Psyshottome7 weeks 14 hours ago
Too Deep the level 50 Lich Necromancertome7 weeks 14 hours ago
Dremmer the level 22 Drem Writhing Onetome9 weeks 4 days ago
Bone the level 39 Skeleton Skirmishertome16 weeks 3 days ago
Higher the level 3 Higher Necromancertome16 weeks 3 days ago
Frontline the level 50 Ogre Gravitic Infantrytome16 weeks 6 days ago
Hatred the level 50 Krog Cursedtome17 weeks 2 days ago
MIndWyrm the level 50 Halfling Wyrmictome17 weeks 2 days ago
Dead the level 32 Ghoul Brawlertome17 weeks 2 days ago
Unicorn the level 50 Whitehoof Doombringertome17 weeks 2 days ago
Darky the level 41 Dragon Fire Draketome21 weeks 5 days ago
Hydra the level 2 Serpent Hydratome22 weeks 3 days ago
Minataur the level 5 Bull Minotaurtome23 weeks 4 days ago
DeathKnight the level 11 Doomelf Deathknighttome23 weeks 4 days ago
Trickster the level 1 Halfling Arcane Trickstertome24 weeks 15 hours ago
Shaman the level 1 Thalore Shamantome24 weeks 1 day ago
DeathKnight the level 6 Cornac Deathknighttome24 weeks 1 day ago
DeathKnight the level 6 Doomelf Deathknighttome24 weeks 2 days ago
Mentalist the level 1 Yeek Mentalisttome24 weeks 2 days ago
Star the level 1 Shalore Stargazertome24 weeks 2 days ago