NameGameLast updated
Xerxia the level 30 Wight Brawlertome17 weeks 2 days ago
Yuu the level 2 Forestwight Temporal Wardentome28 weeks 6 days ago
Bliss the level 7 Wight Solipsisttome29 weeks 5 days ago
Sala the level 16 Forestwight Necromancertome29 weeks 5 days ago
Zolofi the level 5 Forestwight Shadowbladetome30 weeks 1 day ago
Junichi the level 15 Wight Swordsmastertome30 weeks 3 days ago
Tironia the level 3 Wight Necromancertome32 weeks 18 hours ago
Eru the level 32 Forestwight Archmagetome32 weeks 1 day ago
Yeru the level 2 Wight Brawlertome1 year 37 weeks ago
Jeanne the level 32 ForestWight Archmagetome1 year 37 weeks ago
Jacques the level 31 Wight Cursedtome1 year 37 weeks ago
Headbutt the level 29 Dwarf Cursedtome1 year 37 weeks ago
Rose the level 2 Forestwight Alchemisttome1 year 37 weeks ago
Ratatussi the level 2 Wight Berserkertome1 year 37 weeks ago
golem (servant of Rose) the level 2 Runic Golem golemtome1 year 39 weeks ago
Patience the level 37 Wight Swordsmastertome1 year 39 weeks ago
Mimidoushima the level 14 Vampire Swordsmastertome1 year 39 weeks ago
Irrumatrix the level 8 ForestWight Corruptortome1 year 45 weeks ago
Jake the level 28 Wight Cursedtome1 year 45 weeks ago
Yeeta the level 18 Sunwalker Temporal Wardentome1 year 47 weeks ago
Plussie the level 5 Vampire Corruptortome1 year 47 weeks ago
Yeeta the level 1 Sunwalker Temporal Wardentome1 year 48 weeks ago
Headbutt the level 2 Dwarf Cursedtome1 year 48 weeks ago
Jak the level 19 Wight Cursedtome6 years 29 weeks ago
Furia the level 22 Vampire Archmagetome6 years 32 weeks ago