NameGameLast updated
Truman the level 13 Yeek Solipsisttome16 weeks 1 day ago
Bernold the level 14 Cornac Writhing Onetome16 weeks 1 day ago
Billy Bones the level 50 Krog Maraudertome16 weeks 1 day ago
Janie the level 1 Kruk Yeti Psyshottome16 weeks 2 days ago
Mother Dearest the level 5 Orc Gunslingertome16 weeks 2 days ago
Beck the level 40 Halfling Alchemisttome16 weeks 2 days ago
Fengin the level 40 Drem Wyrmictome16 weeks 5 days ago
Fengin the level 18 Orc Demonologisttome17 weeks 8 hours ago
Steve the level 5 Shalore Anorithiltome17 weeks 1 day ago
Grenna the level 20 Dwarf Annihilatortome17 weeks 2 days ago
Breggit the level 5 Drem Skirmishertome17 weeks 5 days ago
Shrai the level 2 Drem Wyrmictome17 weeks 5 days ago
Bonk the level 2 Drem Stone Wardentome17 weeks 5 days ago
Snow the level 23 Cornac Alchemisttome17 weeks 5 days ago
Billy Bones the level 3 Skeleton Maraudertome17 weeks 5 days ago
Christopher the level 20 Yeek Alchemisttome17 weeks 6 days ago
Aurora the level 20 Orc Archmagetome17 weeks 6 days ago
Bregg the level 3 Krog Maraudertome18 weeks 13 hours ago
Shansdottr the level 21 Thalore Maraudertome18 weeks 13 hours ago
Compassion the level 7 Shalore Anorithiltome18 weeks 1 day ago
Shaelynn the level 1 Halfling Doomedtome18 weeks 1 day ago
Rina the level 3 Higher Solipsisttome18 weeks 1 day ago
Giles the level 5 Ogre Corruptortome18 weeks 1 day ago
Logan the level 11 Cornac Cultist of Entropytome18 weeks 1 day ago
golem (servant of Lidda) the level 1 Runic Golem golemtome18 weeks 1 day ago