NameGameLast updated
C.O.E the level 50 Doomelf Cultist of Entropytome1 min 19 sec ago
Anti-Steamtech the level 77 Orc Roguetome20 hours 39 min ago
SunStar the level 74 Higher Sun Paladintome1 day 3 hours ago
AK-4-7 the level 50 Thalore Archertome1 day 14 hours ago
Neco the level 50 Lich Necromancertome2 days 17 hours ago
Eden the level 91 Yeek Archmagetome11 weeks 2 days ago
Brust the level 50 Higher Doombringertome11 weeks 2 days ago
Black the level 50 Ogre Temporal Wardentome11 weeks 6 days ago
Power-R the level 70 Drem Skirmishertome13 weeks 21 hours ago
S-Luna the level 50 Halfling Shadowbladetome13 weeks 21 hours ago
Trilogy the level 50 Kruk Yeti Mindslayertome13 weeks 23 hours ago
UndeadScourgeDrake the level 50 Dwarf Wyrmictome13 weeks 1 day ago
Steel the level 73 Orc Brawlertome14 weeks 3 days ago
Master-T the level 50 Orc Writhing Onetome14 weeks 4 days ago
LichWyrmic the level 50 Lich Wyrmictome14 weeks 4 days ago
Ray the level 50 Whitehoof Archmagetome15 weeks 5 days ago
K-Nothing the level 50 Orc Berserkertome16 weeks 5 days ago
Astral the level 32 Cornac Adventurertome17 weeks 4 days ago
Hanzo the level 50 Kruk Yeti Adventurertome17 weeks 6 days ago
Ginga the level 50 Shalore Anorithiltome19 weeks 21 hours ago
LichQueen the level 50 Lich Necromancertome44 weeks 1 day ago
BloodShadow the level 50 Krog Cursedtome44 weeks 1 day ago
RockRoll-X the level 50 Dwarf Stone Wardentome44 weeks 1 day ago
Thunder-Soul the level 50 Skeleton Adventurertome44 weeks 2 days ago
Galaxy107 the level 50 Whitehoof Temporal Wardentome44 weeks 3 days ago