NameGameLast updated
Nah, I'd win the level 50 Dwarf Doomedtome3 weeks 2 days ago
Ghoulius Caesar the level 31 Ghoul Necromancertome3 weeks 3 days ago
Bob the level 50 Dwarf Doombringertome5 weeks 3 days ago
We're rich the level 32 Dwarf Reavertome15 weeks 1 day ago
Halfwit the level 50 Halfling Mindslayertome16 weeks 3 days ago
5 guys the level 39 Thalore Summonertome17 weeks 2 days ago
Bean chilly shits the level 32 Higher Reavertome18 weeks 1 day ago
Goric's had enough the level 50 Shalore Anorithiltome19 weeks 3 days ago
Natas the level 50 Higher Demonologisttome21 weeks 4 days ago
Fiona the level 25 Krog Summonertome23 weeks 6 days ago
Trumpet fury the level 50 Ogre Brawlertome31 weeks 3 days ago
Puke man the level 31 Cornac Reavertome32 weeks 5 days ago
Already dead the level 31 Skeleton Maraudertome36 weeks 2 days ago
Snowflake the level 50 Lich Necromancertome49 weeks 3 days ago
Yuck the level 50 Yeek Cursedtome50 weeks 2 days ago
Radical, dude the level 50 Thalore Wyrmictome50 weeks 5 days ago
D'Monica the level 50 Cornac Demonologisttome51 weeks 1 day ago
just a test the level 2 Higher Berserkertome51 weeks 2 days ago
Lil Succ the level 18 Doomelf Demonologisttome1 year 2 days ago
TooManySTD'sHelp the level 50 Higher Reavertome1 year 1 week ago
your psycho ex the level 26 Thalore Cursedtome1 year 1 week ago
*dies to Urkis* the level 50 Skeleton Skirmishertome1 year 1 week ago
InsaneCherryPoppin' the level 2 Cornac Annihilatortome1 year 17 weeks ago
Public Domain the level 50 Higher Solipsisttome1 year 17 weeks ago
Big Bro's watching the level 50 Ogre Arcane Bladetome1 year 19 weeks ago