NameGameLast updated
Zegu the level 10 Dwarf Cursedtome2 weeks 6 days ago
Cuthavor the level 12 Skeleton Archertome5 weeks 4 days ago
Godin the level 29 Skeleton Archertome11 weeks 1 hour ago
Nylin the level 13 Skeleton Archertome17 weeks 1 day ago
Mayegawe the level 6 Skeleton Archertome18 weeks 4 days ago
OgrePal the level 19 Ogre Sun Paladintome23 weeks 2 days ago
Me Bad the level 49 Ogre Sun Paladintome25 weeks 2 days ago
Pet handler the level 50 Higher Summonertome29 weeks 11 hours ago
Dem Bones the level 50 Skeleton Archertome35 weeks 1 day ago
Night Slasher the level 27 Higher Roguetome1 year 1 day ago
Taro the level 2 Higher Doombringertome2 years 11 weeks ago
Going Down the level 7 Thalore White Monktome2 years 29 weeks ago
Shining One the level 50 Dwarf White Monktome2 years 29 weeks ago
Finrel the level 82 Halfling Archmagetome2 years 32 weeks ago
Mayetira the level 50 Skeleton Archertome2 years 33 weeks ago
Ettil the level 43 Higher Berserkertome2 years 41 weeks ago
Ooh the level 50 Thalore Oozemancertome2 years 51 weeks ago
Betugarin the level 19 Orc Gunslingertome3 years 3 weeks ago
Athuls the level 15 Thalore Archertome3 years 14 weeks ago
Bilbo the Rogue the level 46 Halfling Roguetome3 years 43 weeks ago
Acupuncturist the level 50 Skeleton Archertome3 years 51 weeks ago
Whip me the level 50 Dwarf Stone Wardentome4 years 19 weeks ago
Firing the arrows the level 50 Skeleton Archertome5 years 5 days ago
Slowly the level 50 Ghoul Arcane Bladetome8 years 12 weeks ago
Bullseye the level 36 Skeleton Archertome8 years 26 weeks ago