NameGameLast updated
punchin' and things the level 21 Thalore Brawlertome6 weeks 5 days ago
guy the level 19 Higher Temporal Wardentome24 weeks 1 day ago
War the level 42 Thalore Wyrmictome25 weeks 19 hours ago
War the level 11 Thalore Wyrmictome27 weeks 2 days ago
PewPew the level 16 Orc Gunslingertome27 weeks 2 days ago
Reaver the level 25 Ghoul Reavertome27 weeks 2 days ago
yeah the level 50 Cornac Arcane Bladetome28 weeks 2 hours ago
Porema the level 4 Tutorial Basic Tutorial Adventurertome40 weeks 6 days ago