NameGameLast updated
luna the level 41 Higher Sun Paladintome8 weeks 4 days ago
cocl the level 50 Cornac Possessortome8 weeks 4 days ago
shad the level 2 Shalore Shadowbladetome8 weeks 5 days ago
konkel the level 6 Cornac Possessortome9 weeks 4 days ago
iwan the level 20 Cornac Bulwarktome9 weeks 4 days ago
drage the level 9 Cornac Wyrmictome9 weeks 5 days ago
kacre the level 10 Shalore Archmagetome9 weeks 5 days ago
Xanyseta the level 4 Tutorial Basic Tutorial Adventurertome9 weeks 6 days ago
kelier the level 9 Cornac Shadowbladetome9 weeks 6 days ago