NameGameLast updated
Nyarc the level 1 Cornac Archmagetome15 weeks 1 day ago
Ivadherin the level 27 Ghoul Archmagetome15 weeks 2 days ago
SquishThatCat the level 20 Dwarf Oozemancertome17 weeks 11 hours ago
Yee the level 50 Yeek Archmagetome17 weeks 4 days ago
yee~ the level 12 Yeek Archmagetome18 weeks 14 hours ago
Stormy the level 50 Cornac Archmagetome18 weeks 2 days ago
A.Y. the level 11 Yeek Psyshottome19 weeks 14 hours ago
Exile the level 50 Orc Gunslingertome19 weeks 3 days ago
Stormy the level 2 Cornac Archmagetome21 weeks 5 days ago
猫球 the level 50 Dwarf Bulwarktome21 weeks 6 days ago