NameGameLast updated
Cuthyldil the level 1 Vampire Deathknighttome8 weeks 20 hours ago
Yarefast the level 10 Vampire Doombringertome15 weeks 5 days ago
Bregechik the level 15 Vampire Swordsmastertome17 weeks 1 day ago
Dolen the level 7 Ogre Phantom Warriortome17 weeks 1 day ago
Samalar the level 16 Vampire Kharybdiantome17 weeks 1 day ago
Amaharador the level 3 Vampire Charmedtome17 weeks 1 day ago
Khelumas the level 25 Vampire Radianttome17 weeks 4 days ago
Getugund the level 12 Vampire Phantom Warriortome17 weeks 4 days ago
Asimrtherit the level 5 Ogre Swordsmastertome17 weeks 4 days ago
Illlo the level 1 Cornac Grove Keepertome17 weeks 4 days ago
Beorab the level 14 Vampire Shining Onetome17 weeks 5 days ago
Marduzilarach the level 9 Mummy Phantom Warriortome17 weeks 5 days ago
Turichik the level 1 Vampire Huntedtome17 weeks 5 days ago
Amosta the level 1 Vampire Void Scholartome17 weeks 5 days ago
Chozilayon the level 3 Vampire Argosinetome17 weeks 5 days ago
Raarc the level 23 Higher Frost Invokertome17 weeks 6 days ago
Samonik the level 5 Vampire Corruptortome18 weeks 8 hours ago
Oocopbs the level 1 Beholder Mage Eyetome18 weeks 9 hours ago
Beedurab the level 7 Vampire Trench Stridertome18 weeks 2 days ago
Ssindiel the level 1 Vampire Adventurertome18 weeks 2 days ago
Brenufang the level 5 Vampire Wanderertome18 weeks 2 days ago
Kyrin the level 21 Vampire Kharybdiantome18 weeks 2 days ago
Chamiderion the level 15 Vampire Archmagetome18 weeks 3 days ago
Unragar the level 5 Vampire Frost Invokertome18 weeks 3 days ago
Ribe the level 6 Higher Hekatonkheiretome18 weeks 3 days ago