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This page is for my plans of how to get achievements and unlocks, and what characters to make to get them. Since there are a lot of achievements, this is easier than keeping them all in my head.

They are divided into Main/Maybe/Marginal. Main means I should get it. Maybe means it takes RNG, or it might be difficult, etc. Marginal means I could go out of my way to get it, but I'm expecting to leave it for later.

When I start a campaign, and decide what I'm playing, I can add more specific achievements to the plan.

This page also has plans for future characters.


These are achievements and unlocks that I could get in any campaign (or at least multiple campaigns), and that don't need a specific character.


  • Demon Horns? (via bug)
Achievement Description
Unstoppable Returned from the dead.
The Restless Dead Disturbed an old battlefield and survived the consequences.
The Rat Lich Killed the terrible Rat Lich.
A View From The Gallery Briefly lived as a lowly halfling during the time of the Sher'tuls.


Achievement Description Notes
Pest Control Killed 1000 reproducing vermin.
Utterly Destroyed Died on the Eidolon Plane. Easy to do at any time, so not a priority.
I meant to do that... Avoid death 50 times with a life-saving talent.

Next AoA run


Achievement Description Notes
1+ of "The High Lady's destiny" or "The Sun Still Shines" or "Selfless"
One of "Portal destroyer" or "Portal reaver" or "Portal ender"
Burnt to the ground Gave the Staff of Absorption to the apprentice mage and watched the fireworks.


Achievement Description
Demonic Invasion Stopped a demonic invasion by closing their portal.
Dethroned Vanquished the Glass Golem without letting it use the glass throne to heal.
Atamathoned! Killed the giant golem Atamathon after foolishly reactivating it.
Now, this is impressive! Killed Linaniil, the Supreme Archmage of Angolwen.
Entropy's End Destroyed the Hypostasis of Entropy.
The Old Ones Kill all the three demons that are on Eyal since before the Spellblaze: Shasshhiy'Kaish, Kryl'Feijan and Walrog
Bad Driver Failed to save any escorted adventurers.
Fast Curse Dispel Killed Ben Cruthdar the Cursed while saving all the lumberjacks.

Current EoR run


Achievement Description Notes
Reclaiming Garkul's Heritage Freed the remnants of the Prides from the Internment Camp.
The High Lady's Destiny (Finale) Crushed High Sun Paladin Aeryn and with her destroyed the bastion of the Sunwall.
One Ill Turn Deserves Another The Palace of Fumes stands in ruins, its Council shattered. The Atmos Tribe will not bother the Prides anymore.
The Dead God Rests You have defeated the Sher'tul Priest trying to resurrect Amakthel, saving both the Prides and the world.
1 of "To the Bitter End" or "Imp'ing Away"
This will make a big Omelette! Collected 40 ritch eggs in the Ritch Hive. It looks like there's 14 eggs on each of the first 3 floors, so there should be 42 total.
Do not go gentle into that good night Trapped John.
Once Upon A Time, In the West... Hear the Eidolon's retelling of the Scourge from the West's journey.
For a Few Gold More Completely deplete an AAA's stock.


Achievement Description Notes
I did not want that! Tricked Nektosh into killing one of his own people.
Here, I Think You Dropped This Killed Ureslak the Eternal while wielding Ureslak's Femur.
True Savior Freed all the Orc Prides without killing a single mind-controlled orc.
Mender Destroyed the bosses of the Primal Forest without killing any uncorrupted treants.
Blood on the Moon Kill all of the Star Gazers within 7 game turns.
Radiant Horrorc While fighting in a Sunwall zone, use a Fiery Salve to reach at least 66% affinity for Fire and Light. Pointing and laughing is optional. I'm not sure how Fiery Salves scale.


Achievement Description Notes
We weren't kidding! Die to Nektosh's beam without being pinned, stunned, asleep, dazed, or confused.

Future plans

Future run ideas

(Not necessarily in order)

  • Orc Sawbutcher in EoR. Beat John with a second Tinker class to unlock Tinkers outside of EoR.
  • Cursed in AoA. Not sure on race. Go antimagic and try to unlock Krog.
  • Whitehoof Archmage in EoR. Try to unlock Technomancer, and maybe unlock High Thaumaturgist as well? Use Lightning build because of Mana Coil? Don't take Technomancer because I get tinkers for almost free in EoR. Therefore take High Thaumaturgist?

Character name ideas

  • Tess L. VIII for a Gunslinger or Psyshot
  • Veni, vidi, vici for a Sawbutcher
  • Bowman for a bow Archer
  • Gooey Kablooie for an Oozemancer
  • krooze kontrol for a Krog Oozemancer
  • Can of worms for a Reaver
  • Sin Paladin for a Sun Paladin taking Fallen (thanks Erenion)
  • The Offspring or Star Attraction for a Sun Paladin taking Avatar of a Distant Sun
  • King Nothing for a Cultist of Entropy
  • Barmy Army or Headmaster for a Marauder
  • I cast Gun for an Adventurer with Psyshot (talent) + Arcane Combat
  • Keep Calm and Carrion or Carrion Call for a Writhing One
  • M.D. Hammer for a Solipsist
  • Nine-tenths of the law for a Possessor
  • Meme Beam Machine for an Archmage taking High Thaumaturgist
  • Dooming in the 80's for a Doomed taking RAD
  • hoofing it for some Whitehoof
  • Twink Blade for a Temporal Warden
  • Doctor Who let the dogs out for a Temporal Warden with Temporal Hounds