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The following may be out of date.


Wyrmics are warriors who possess the powers of dragons. They have strong offensive and defensive capabilities, using both weapons and talents.

Racial Choice

Dwarves have a high life rating and starting bonuses to Strength and Willpower. The racial talents provide extra surviveability in the form of armor, a large passive save bonus, and a situational escape option. Dwarves are tied with Thalore as a good choice for Wyrmic.

Thalore have starting bonuses to Strength and Willpower. Racial talents provide passive saves, damage bonuses, disease resistance, resistance bonuses, and a summoning ability. The experience penalty is higher than Dwarves, but this usually does not make much difference - experience is generally plentiful.

Cornacs have no starting bonuses and no racial talents; and the category bonus is less helpful because Wyrmics have many unlocked trees. This makes Cornacs hard to recommend.

Highers have a racial healing skill that scales with Willpower, and you will be bosting Willpower. However, the other racial skills are less useful for a Wyrmic - Born Into Magic applies to magic (not Wild Gifts); and Highborn's Bloom is less useful for the equilibrium-using Wyrmic. This makes Highers hard to recommend.

Shalore have a low life rating and starting penalty to Strength. Racial talents are occasional speed boost, critical chance/power boosting, occasional invisibility, and Timeless, which is universally useful. This makes Shalore an interesting option to play if you can survive the early game.

Doomelves are similar to Shalore but the racial talents are more offensive-based. In particular, Pitiless is less useful in general than Timeless. This would be another interesting but potentially challenging race for Wyrmic.

Halflings have a starting penalty to Strength, but a decent life rating (equal to Dwarves). Their racial talents are mixed offensive and defense, but none stand out with great synergy for Wyrmic style play. Not really recommended.

Yeeks have a huge life penalty, and starting penalties to Strength and Constitution. The starting bonus to Willpower offsets the Strength bonus, but the lack of life is a big issue, since Wyrmic will often be fighting in melee. Racial talents are not of particular synergy with Wyrmic play. Unity's silence resist does not help you since Wild-Gifts don't use voice. Yeek is hard to recommend.

Ogres have top-notch survivability from the highest life rating. They have a starting penalty to Willpower, but this is offset by bonus to Strength. Racial abilities which focus on infusion/rune cooldown reduction and power improvement are universally useful. Finally, the ability to use a two-handed weapon and a shield or dagger together (with Grisly Constitution 5) provides excellent opportunities to succeed. Recommended.

Undead can not be Wyrmics.


There are several viable builds for Wyrmics. The simplest is to boost Strength and bash things with weapons, and breathe on them. (All Wyrmic breath talents scale with Strength.)

There are two schools of thought regarding weapon choices. The class starts with a two-handed weapon, so they can choose to play like a Berserker (with breath weapons).

Wyrmics also start with the Shield Offense tree, so they can choose to switch to a one-handed weapon and shield (after investment in Armour Training). This lets them play in the style of Bulwarks (with breath weapons), using Shield Pummel and Assault for adjacent targets, and breath weapons for distant ones, or for groups.

Wyrmics do not start with Mindstar Mastery, but they can purchase it in Zigur, or learn it by betraying an Alchemist escortee. This gives you a third build choice, using mindstars. A mindstar build will favor Willpower over Strength, and will lean on talents that scale with Mindpower or Willpower. Melee damage with the mindstars will be low at first (before tier 4 mindstars start dropping), but quite powerful in the late game.


Boosting the Armour Training talent is highly recommended. Wearing heavy or massive armour helps immensely, as you will frequently find yourself fighting hand-to-hand.

You have just one healing talent (Nature's Touch) -- or two, if you count Swallow -- but absolutely no monster detection or shielding capabilities. You'll have to rely on Armour, infusions/runes, high Life (HP), saves and resists to survive at higher levels.

The Fungus tree talents make your healing and regeneration more effective. A special tip for Fungus users: Fungal growth gives you a weak (but free) regeneration effect, which will appear to block your ability to use your regeneration infusions. You can remove the weak regeneration effect, if necessary, by right-clicking on its effect icon.

Lightning Speed is an excellent mobility talent, more versatile than Rush, although you could also spend points to get Rush as a fallback when Lightning Speed is on cooldown. (A category point is required, though.) Additional mobility sources will help -- a movement infusion, or a psychoport totem, are excellent choices.

Wyrmics have some good disabling talents. Sand Breath (blindness breath attack) is quite effective against late game foes (Orc Prides). Bellowing Roar can confuse nearby opponents. Ice Breath can freeze them. Ice wall can block off enemies from being able to attack you completely, or to break off a chunk of foes to fight later.

Eating the Heart of the Sandworm Queen unlocks the Harmony tree. The Elemental Harmony talent gives you a variety of effects when you are hit by elemental damage; a common combination is to hit yourself with fire damage for the speed boost. Waters of Life doesn't cure diseases and poisons, but instead makes them heal you.


Wyrmics can go Antimagic, and there are significant bonuses and penalties to this choice.

On the positive side, the Antimagic tree offers powerful defensive and offensive abilities. Resolve provides resistance bonuses tailored to your incoming damage AND helps reduce your equilibrium; Silence can cripple many of the game's stronger magic-using opponents; Antimagic Shield provides flat damage reduction for most non-melee attacks; and Mana Clash provides a useful anti-spellcaster nuke. All of these abilities except for Silence scale with mindpower, giving them natural synergy with your Wyrmic abilities. You will also be able to get additional bonuses from arcane-disrupting items, but this affect is usually minor.

On the negative side, Wyrmics already have access to the Fungus tree, so the bonus from getting this tree after defeating Urkis is wasted. If you have Embers of Rage, you will also be prevented from taking the new Undead Drake tree. Finally, as usual with antimagic you will be unable to use Arcane powered items and runes. This cuts you off from many powerful items, and useful runes (teleport runes in particular, as quick escape options).