New class: Alchemist

Coming next beta, the Alchemist class.

They can infuse raw mana inside gems and throw them like bombs, have a permanent golem companion, can use their staff better than anybody else (and at range!)

Here is a small example of an alchemist throwing out a lightning bomb:

REALLY love the new version,

REALLY love the new version, I still play angband and moria on occasion =P Okay, I may have "went outside the lines" on my berserker build, but I decided to give it a try. I took my category points and tried to make him a dual wielder. Game wont seem to let me equip an offhand, even though Im using a one handed weapon in my main. Is this a definite NO to being able to dual wield as a berserker? Your thoughts please sir.

Hum no it should work just

Hum no it should work just fine.. hum