T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta15 unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta15 !


Yes, beta15 comes out very quickly. It is mostly a bug-fix release but there is one real improvement that I wanted to share with you all: Saving speed has been greatly improved. People that had really terrible saving speeds of over two minutes for simple zones are now down to a few seconds.

Release highlights:

  • Greatly improved saving time
  • New game option to disabled background saving, this blocks the game while saving but improves save speed

Expanded changelist:

  • Rewrote the data serializer, savefiles should be *much* faster
  • New option to disable background saving
  • Mage apprentice quets will now require only 10 items or an artifact staff/ring/amulet
  • Fixed wands of illumination
  • Fixed character description on the load screen
  • Fix the Dragon Helm
  • Update Tol Falas lore
  • Old forest is now a bit brighter
  • Much new Iron Throne lore
  • Higher now have a life rating instead of a lite rating :)
  • The Crypt of Kryl-Feijan will not pop before level 20
  • Elisa will not end her quets multiple times
  • Can not rush while pinned
  • Bumping encounters on the worldmap triggers them
  • Amulets of Mastery can provide bonuses to any trees
  • Divine/Guardian talents have higher requirements
  • Manasurge Rune now provides a small direct mana inscrease an a % increase of natural mana regen
  • Two new world artifacts

Have fun!

Changing setting: the Tales of Maj'Eyal


Well it seems I was a bit too happy to release beta14 and did not bother explaining the settings change as it was discussed in length in the forums.

I had two problems with the Middle-earth setting:

  • ME is a really nice world, hats off to the professor, but it is not a good setting to have a high-magic game in. Mages casting fireballs and teleporting around really feel dumb there. Plus all the other stuff I added.
  • The fear of the C&D letter. I already got bitten once with Pern, this will not happen again. Even though the Tolkien estate is much nicer than McCaffrey's cronies it has been known to shut down large game mods based on ME. This trend can only go up with the incoming The Hobbit film.

So we are off to a new world: Eyal, and it's main continent (well main to those living there): Maj'Eyal.

What is Eyal:

  • A high-fantasy setting, magic exists and is in use. Although during the world's history there was an .. accident .. with magic that made people afraid of it, so mages are not very well liked.
  • A world with a whole history, detailing all the important people, places, events, ... for multiple ages.
  • A cohesive world, not just a mix of nice sounding words, places have histories, players can find bits of history here and there that make the world feel more real
  • A world where I can expand all my ideas without feeling dirty about changing Tolkien's baby in ways he did not intend. Take it as a token of respect toawrd him.

So yes this will probably to some adaptation from old time players, but I am convinced this is for the best.

Now, go explore Eyal!

T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta14 unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta14 !


This is a very big release, introducing many changes, some very big the removal of consumables (do not freak out, there is a replacement, hopefully more fun and balanced than chain-chugging potions) or the change of game setting.

WARNING: Please remove your quickbirth data/do not use quickbirth to recreate characters when upgrading

This is also a very special release for me because the first line of code was commited one year ago, the 17th november. So this is the one year's release!

What a long way it has come since then, thanks to you all my good players!

Release highlights:

  • Changed game setting from middle earth to the custom world of Eyal, with full history and lore to support it
  • New unlockable campaign: the Infinite Dugeon
  • New classes: Geomancers and Corruptors
  • Multiple new zones
  • Easier and more fun identification system
  • Removed consumables(scrolls and potions) and replaced with an inscription system. You can put infusions/runes on your skin that grant a permanent skill
  • Added random artifacts
  • More randomness in boss drops
  • Much balancing and fixes

Expanded changelist:

  • Activated fog of war on the world map
  • New Game dialog will autoselect the first game
  • Allow dwarven females to be played
  • Setting changed to the custom world of Eyal. Main continent is Maj'Eyal
  • Added random patrols and hostiles moving around the world map
  • Scrolls, wands and spells of identification are gone (do not cry this, with the other changes, makes things much less boring)
  • There is a shop in town that can identify stuff for you
  • New quest: to get the orb of scrying
  • Added many new room shapes
  • The game should slow down a bit less while saving
  • Saving will now display a progress bar
  • Reworked Divination spells, there are now: Keen Senses, Arcane Eye, Vision and Premonition
  • Added much much lore
  • Flameshock has got a cooldown again, oups!
  • Both Maj'Eyal and the Far East are on the same worldmap
  • Fix trap of lethargy
  • Quake should not work on vaults
  • Saving the game while running/resting will not crash the game/savefile
  • Allow the Static generator to read table of tables instead of table of strings
  • Changed experience level charts
  • Meditation can not fail due to equilibrium
  • Most bosses that drop an artifact now have only a chance of dropping theirs, if they do not they will drop a random one and theirs will be added to the random pool
  • Boss artifacts can be found before the boss is killed, the boss will cheat and use it for combat but will drop something else
  • Gwai's Burninator got a fitting description
  • Many zones can now scale a bit more in levels to prevent player overgrowing them too much
  • Normal monsters give much less experience now, bosses give hugely more experience
  • Creatures stop giving experience if they are 7 levels below you instead of 3
  • Added wands of conjuration
  • All wands now have a spell inside
  • Many new world artifacts
  • Reduced Bill damage output
  • Reduced power of the Shade
  • Added random artifacts
  • Prevent an infinite loop under some rare conditions with thunderstorm on a NPC
  • Fix Throw Bomb special effects
  • Alchemist Protection protects against side effects at level 5
  • Rogue traps duration is now based on trap mastery
  • Fix mouse over on the hotkeys when an object is not present
  • Fix resting/running while waiting for recall
  • When Equilibrium is below the current willpower score talents will never fail.
  • NPCs Summon talent is now subject to equilibrium failures and each time it is used its cooldown will increase
  • Creatures that split on damage will have reduced split chance with each split
  • Meditation now dazes the player, if he is hit it will stop. Each turn some equilibrium is regenerated and a big chunck if the effect ends without disruption
  • Fixed Hurricane
  • Fix Channel Staff with the staff of absorption
  • New effect for Blastwave
  • Flame now beams at level 5, watch the pretty colors!
  • Removed the spider quest from the east, replaced with a new one upon arrival
  • Urkis drops an artifact in addition to the rod
  • Adjusted some spell costs
  • Skeletons can not bleed
  • Improved Angolwen design
  • Mana Clash absorbs more mana
  • New town: Zigur, the home of the Ziguranth, who oppose magic. Not available to magic wielders
  • Antimagic quest can now be taken from Zigur.
  • The Map class can now be configured for a specific search order for checkAllEntities. Default is now: Actor, Terrain, Projectile, Trap, Objects
  • Melee attacks now work to hit things inside walls like xorns
  • Example modules have their Game:setupDisplayMode() method fixed when loading a save
  • Ardhungol is now a side quest
  • New random encounter in the far east: the shadow crypt
  • New vaults
  • New campaign: the Infinite Dungeon (require unlock). Descend into the infinite dungeon, see how far you can go and die in a blaze of glory!
  • New achievements for going deep in the infinite dungeon
  • Players start with the Orb of Knwoledge when doing the infinite dungeon
  • New world encounter: the ruined dungeon
  • Lightning Speed breaks when drinking potions
  • Added a new rank between elite & boss for creatutes: unique
  • Added new random unique creatures
  • Fixed rod of recall/teleport: angolwen to not make stuff appear on the worldmap
  • New class: Geomancer (mage subclass)
  • Hexes are now balls, except Domination Hex
  • Malicious thieves has arrived in towns, making it unsafe to leave stuff on the ground :)
  • Blighted Ruins (undeads starting zone) is still 8 physical levels deep but NPC level will only increase at 0.5 per level
  • When a boss dies the player gets experience even if he did not kill it directly or through summons
  • Some more lore to be randomly found (well lore .. err .. trollish lore .. err .. kinda .. well trollish stuff!)
  • Random lore scrolls now can actualy be generated! Oups!
  • Zone:checkFilter() can now check "properties" and "not_properties" fields which contains list of fields to be found/not be found on the entity to validate it
  • Added new egos
  • The Awakened Staff of Absorption has been buffed and added lore
  • Staff of absorption has its own tile
  • Bows/Slings can not be used as melee weapons
  • Bows/Slings now have an "infinite" ammo embedded, all ammo found are ego (and rarer obviously)
  • Berserker talent now provides increasing stun & pinning resistance
  • Tidal Wave correctly grows
  • New random encounter on Maj'Eyal: a dark crypt
  • New horror monster
  • Gwelgoroths now have correct lightning atatcks instead of fire attacks (bad copy paste! bad!)
  • Added missing object tiles
  • Added an achievement for killing Ukruk
  • Golem: Pound does not hit the caster when mounted inside the golem
  • Stuns can now be partial, each turn you do not loose the energy of a whole turn, but a variable amount based on your stun resistance
  • Right-click during birth correctly works
  • Implemented "no teleport" objects. They do not prevent you from teleporting, but they do not follow.
  • Cyst Burst will spread diseases further
  • Autodetect fullscreen resolutions
  • More space for price in store dialogs
  • Fix tannen quest
  • Fix Shockwave Bomb
  • Fix mage apprentice quest when not selecting an item
  • Fix lost merchant quest: can not push around things
  • Replaced Forage talent with Flare (since basic ammo is infinite)
  • Added unique graphics to some artifacts
  • Fix dreadmaster disperse magic
  • Prevent Bone Shield from bugging under some werid cirscumstances
  • Aeryn will now explain why the player encountered sun paladins/anorithils in the west, if he did
  • Particle effects now correctly resize in 16x16 mode (if you spot one that does not do tell me)
  • "World" achievements can not be gained as personal achievements (like Reaver, Pyromancer, ...)
  • Seer escorts will not manathrust you in the back
  • Sandworm heart provides benefit to Wyrmics
  • Remove scrolls & potions
  • Add runes & infusions to replace consumables. They are used once to inscribe an infusion(natural) or rune(magical) on your skin, which you can then activate at will. There is a limited number of slots available.
  • Fix critical damage modifier
  • Heithened senses/infravision allows to see as with a light in a 1/4th radius
  • Fix character dump log messages
  • Living races start with Regeneration and Wild infusions; undeads with Shielding and Phase Door runes
  • More high level sandworms
  • New vampire tiles
  • Removed energy usage cost from chants and hymns, also lowered cooldown to 12
  • Light tree is now generic
  • Replaced Second Life with Providence
  • New divine tree Guardian. Requires a shield to use
  • Sun Paladins now can access Light tree at birth
  • Sun Paladins can now access Guardian tree
  • Bathe in Light also improves healing received
  • New zone: Mark of the Spellblaze
  • New quest found inside the mark of the spellblaze
  • New class: Corruptors, a spellcaster brother to reavers
  • Resistances are now capped a 70% for players. Items can increase the cap.
  • Fireflash no longer does a DOT, it is all upfront damage
  • Firing bolts at a wall now hits what is inside the wall.
  • Firing balls at a wall now explodes the ball just before the wall.
  • Weapon brands now affect only the weapon carrying it. Other equipment granting brands work for all weapons.
  • Alchemist's Golem now only levels with the player
  • Talent category points can be used to gain at most two more infusion/rune slots
  • Only two of the same kind of infusion/rune can be inscribed at once
  • Added "Game Options" to the main menu
  • Autosave all the game on zone change is now configurable in the game options.
  • Saving each level individualy is now an option in the game options. This will make sure the game only keeps one level in memory (thus reducing the need for memory) but incur a small save/load on each level changes.
  • Ukruk finally drops something useful. If you can beat him!
  • Rain in the old forest is a bit bluer
  • The endgame loot is more powerful
  • Archmages will not be able to cheese their way through the Charred Scar

Have fun!

Eye candy: New Flame beam

Beta14 will feature a change to the Flame spell, at level 5 it can now beam.

Have a look at the spell effect :)

T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta13 unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta13 !

Release highlights:

  • New talent tree for rogues: Trapping
  • New talent tree for Wyrmics: Storm Drake Aspect
  • New talent tree: Antimagic
  • New class: Tempest
  • New bosses, new content, new quests!
  • Much balancing and fixes

Expanded changelist:

  • Moved resolution setting inside Video Options
  • The main menu interface is now a module like any others, called "boot"
  • The main menu will now have a random animated background with an AI-controlled player running around in a forest, blasting things
  • Particle density setting added to the video options
  • Correctly index quick keys in inventory dialogs
  • Can not riposte while stunned/dazed/stoned
  • Ranged Defense property now shows up in tooltips
  • Fixed quick keys in use talent menu
  • Typos
  • Scrolling descriptions now correctly work in talents dialogs
  • Fixed boots of speed (removing them granted infinite movement speed)
  • Changing graphical mode will now save & reload the game to avoid any display glitches
  • Changing resolution will now make a popup asking if you really want to change, and save & reload the game to avoid graphical glitches. Module makers can update easily by just stealing the example module onResolutionChange() method
  • To upgrade to the new resolution switch simply remove your Game:onResolutionChange() method it's not needed anymore.
  • Fixed artifact ring creation with the pearl or the resonating gem in your inventory
  • Stores wont ID things when trying to sell
  • Freeze will freeze for 3 turns
  • Added gloves of iron grip that increase strength and provide disarming resistance
  • Fixed time passing when learning talents
  • Undead races are now unlocked by killing the Master (a random one will be unlocked each time)
  • When multiple objects are stacked on the map there will be a visual indicator (modules can activate it by simply doing Map.object_stack_count = true)
  • The various inventory dialogs will now update while keeping their current selection
  • Clicking on an item in the inventory dialog will bring the usage popup under the mouse for easier access
  • Quantity prompt first keystroke will "reset" the value
  • Fixed Berserk talent penality
  • Added Fixedsys Excelsior 3.0 font as /data/font/FSEX300.ttf (for those module makers that want an oldschool look)
  • Diamonds corectly increase Constitution
  • Allow to disable the background animation onthe main menu
  • Fix main fbo shader
  • Fixed cutoff texts in dialogs
  • The game will load the engine version requested by the module
  • Fix uruk-hai berserkers, they are now craeted wit ha 2h axe instead of a one hand axe. beware!
  • Fix Shatter
  • Second weapon set does not provide stats & prevent offhands to be used
  • Thieves in the second level of the merchant quest can not be moved around anymore
  • Modules required engine field is now strict: it will only use this engine, no others
  • The game now supports multiple versions of the engine and of modules.
  • There is a "Update All" option in the main menu that will download updates for all installed modules, and update the engine if they require it
  • Savefiles are now tagged with the module version that created them, they will not be available if that version is not installed and will load with that version, even if it's not the newest one
  • Add an option to the New Game menu to start older versions of the modules
  • Escort quest rewards provide a tooltip
  • Angolwen's staff shop has more staves and less wands
  • Refactored Target:getType() to be more generic
  • Only leather boots can be stealthy
  • Adjusted the encumberance of heavy & light armours
  • Probably sped up talents/inventory draw speed
  • Gates of Morning has not got the nice looking palm trees!
  • Orc encounters are back in the far east
  • Wands can be correctly hotkeyed
  • Wands work after a reload
  • Store shoulds the correct price
  • Inventory/equipment/store dialogs will hav a minimun size of 800x600
  • New talent tree for rogues: Trapping
  • Xorns wont stand helpless as you hit them from far away
  • Turned the walls of the "hotel" vault into hardwalls
  • Cursed Pity talent has a reduced range and a chance to fail
  • Cursed Form is now a generic talent line
  • Rampage is now a class talent line
  • New class: Tempest
  • It is possible to finish the mage apprentice quest by offering the staff of destruction even if archmages are not unlocked
  • New quest to unlock the Tempest, available at lowish levels (around level 14)
  • Allow updateMap to be customized
  • Added music to Ardhungol
  • Fixed Gloom confusion power
  • Improved the artifact Gwai's Burninator
  • Fixed missing check to resolveSource in damage_types.lua
  • Fixed endgame dialog running multiple times in some cases
  • Fixed "player under ther stairs" bug
  • Vor Armoury will not decay
  • Rest is now bound to both 'R' and 'r'
  • Added a font:getStyle() method
  • New "preformated" text type: tstring. They are special tables that contain preformated color, font, .. info to spare the engine the parsing, making some things MUCH faster. They degrade to normal color strings using tostring(mytstring) if needed
  • Talents & objects now use tstrings instead of strings, making them faster
  • Self-target warning will now show which talent is responsible
  • Imrpoved "pickup all" option speed
  • The Water Silmaril penality to luck has been drastically reduced
  • Modified ListColumns and TreeList to use tstrings to speedup display. You need to update your LevelupTalentsDialog if you copied the one from ToME, copy it again ;)
  • Added some more world artifacts
  • Prevent some zones with fixed layout to decay
  • Added betetr talent descriptions to some talents
  • Riposte is now useful at any talent level
  • Two new vaults
  • Improved bonuses from talents in the passive combat techniques tree
  • Stats at birth as correctly applied
  • All timed effects and sustained talents now have a tooltip on the left side pane and on the character sheet
  • Added a new world artifact, the axe of Durin, grants more power in the hands of a dwarf
  • Lethargy trap will only put activable abilities on cooldown
  • New vault possible in amon sul
  • The right-click menu is closable with a right click
  • Diggers vault is diggable
  • New achievement: Backstabbing Traitor
  • The caverns to the valley of the moon are not fully lit anymore
  • Clarified the master jeweler dialog
  • Added a static background for the main menu when animations are disabled
  • Added "Encumbered" notification to the left pane
  • New quest to learn antimagic
  • The Corrupted Balrog is now stun immune
  • Enforce a minimun range of 15 on teleport scrolls
  • Powerful ego items are now color coded as blue instead of green
  • Fixed quickbirth for Alchemists
  • Ego ammo can modify travel speed
  • Added new egos
  • Replaced sword/mace/axe mastery talents with a single weapons mastery (knifes are still apart)
  • Beefed up a bit the endgame bosses
  • Added Storm Drakes creatures
  • Added a Storm Drake Aspect talent line to the Wyrmic class
  • Fix hotkey page switch message
  • Fixed archery when projectiles are flying during a save/reload
  • When the player comes back from the far east some of the zones he visited and vanquished the boss in the west will be updated with a new boss (only if the previous guardian has been killed before going east). This currently affects the Moria, Old Forest, Trollshaws and Tol Falas
  • Fix the cloak of grim bonuses
  • Added backup guardian to the Maze
  • Added a backup guardian to the sandworm lair
  • Added backup guardian to Amon Sul
  • Added a backup guardian to Carn Dum
  • Removed rings of invisibility
  • Fix ActorProject to not call damtype if it's a function over a friendly fire
  • Fixes and tweaks to the Cursed class
  • Fix replacing a slotted belt with a slotted belt
  • Added a copy_add field to player descriptors
  • Class life rating now adds to race life rating instead of overriding it
  • Fixed diggers
  • Fixed some objects that were wrongly classified as metallic
  • Potion of dragon blood
  • Increased gold drops
  • New quest to create a portal back to the Far East
  • Teleport: Angolwen is not instant anymore
  • Reduced Mages life rating
  • Increased Berserkers life rating
  • Fixed Drain range
  • Fixed range of Disperse magic
  • Fatigue now affects mana at twice the effect
  • Phase Door is now controlled at level 5. A controlled phase door to a location not in LOS will have a chance to fizzle.
  • 'm' talents menu displays talents on cooldown as such
  • New mold unique (no not moldoux!)
  • Reduced Pyromancer and Cryomancer achievements to one million damage instead of two
  • Achievements tracked by the world will correctly be kept track of when characters die
  • Added an option on death to restart the same character, this forced quickbirth so it is really instant
  • Sandworm Tunnelers now have the stairs on their nodes list
  • Keeping 5 pressed to spend time will correctly pass time
  • Added string.toTString() method to convert a string to a tstring
  • Message log now shows a scrollbar
  • Arcane Combat is now instantly cast (it does not use a turn)
  • Racial talents (except undeads) take no time to activate
  • Arcane Combat only casts Flame or Lightning, the other ones are more tatical and thus excluded
  • Arcane Blades now start with Arcane Combat and their Flame & Lightning spells have a higher cooldown
  • Increased the damage done by Fiery Hands and Frozen Hands
  • New lore in the east to be found!
  • Arcane Feed and Shadow Feed are now sustains that provide mana regen per turn
  • New class: Geomancer, earth specialist Archmages (no unlock yet)
  • Stores now have a limit on the price they can give for an item, it changes from stores to stores
  • Imbuing items changes their names
  • Ammo Creation talent is now called Forage, it is a sustained talent taht auto activated when you kill stuff
  • Removed Benevolent Spirit talent and replaced with Suppress Summoning
  • Artifacts found will now be added to the known lore
  • Leaving the level while an escort quest is going on will doom the escort
  • Apprentice mage can not be talked to if dead
  • Breath attacks now have their own particles effects
  • Added rain to the old forest
  • Channel Staff does not say if it crits before targetting
  • Can not create aclehmist gems from unique/special gems
  • Zemekkys now correctly takes the money he is given, and the amount has been reduced to 100
  • Items consumed to resurrect now corectly work
  • Changed ghouls and skeletons intro text
  • Autosave on zone switch
  • The jeweler tome only drops in the far east
  • Slime talents are learnt directly now

Have fun!

T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta12b unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta12b !

Release highlights:

  • Added an option to the game menu "Video Options" that allow to disable antialiasing, framebuffers and shaders
  • Vital bugfixes

OSX port is in the works stay tuned!

T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta12 unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta12 !

Release highlights:

  • New game UI: faster, easier, neater
  • New item types: belts, gloves, cloaks, diggers, wands
  • New talent tree: Bloodthirst
  • Display speed improvements
  • Much balancing and fixes

Expanded changelist:

  • Fixed the graphical bug that made textures go white when resizing/changing game mode (maybe)
  • Right click popup will not allow talents to be used on the world map
  • Static map generator will not clone terrain that does not requests cloning
  • DebugConsole does not ruin the game mouse handling
  • New vaults
  • Many typos fixed thanks to greycat
  • The cloak from the path of the deads now works for the alchemist's golem too
  • Mouse events now receive a last parameter called "event" which can be either "button" or "motion"
  • WARNING: You must update your Game:setupMouse() method to provide this new event, see the example module
  • New quest to build a portal back to Middle-earth, look around in the Gates of Morning
  • Added gloves/gauntlets and egos relating to them
  • Added cloaks along with their egos
  • Added belts and related egos
  • Added diggers and related egos!
  • Added new world artifacts
  • Fix Track info
  • Added amulets of teleportation
  • Easymode lifes are now garnted at levels 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 18, 24, 30, 40 instead of every five levels
  • Due to popular demand, the player stats are back on the left side bar
  • Fix the Paths of the Deads distribution of NPCs
  • Activated fullscreen framebuffer
  • Low HP will now colorize the corners of the screen in red (only for comptuers supporting FBO)
  • Picking up items will not make weird movements in the list
  • Wild Gift Meditation can only be used with no monsters in sight, to prevent mistakes
  • Store and equipment listing can not bleed over vertically
  • Added tooltips to the character screen
  • Use item dialog is now large enough for the text
  • Ice Wall/Stone Wall now work even after loadign a savefile
  • Added tooltips to all character sheet info and to the left side pane
  • Added Mouse:delegate() method to allow delegation of mouse events to sub handlers
  • Weapons in the second weapon set are now shown
  • Added Pyromancer and Cryomancer achievements, for doing much damage with fire or cold. They will unlock the Pyromancer and Cryomancer classes instead of the books in the Prides.
  • Achievements are sorted by name
  • Dunadan are the first subrace of humans in the list, to orient newbies to it
  • Added LuaExpat XML parsing library
  • Drakes can now only summon a lesser version of themselves and hatchlinsg comes in summoned packs of 3 not 9
  • Tooltip for out of sight objects
  • Added precise race descriptions (including stat bonuses, ...)
  • Added the Bloodthirst talent tree for Berserkers
  • When using the Unstoppable talent the screen will turn red
  • Invisibility got a fullscreen graphical effect
  • Stealth got a fullscreen graphical effect
  • Resizing the game window is now persistent
  • Confusion got a fullscreen graphical effect
  • Changed experience penalities of dwarves, elves and hobbits
  • Imbue will not override stats, it will increase them
  • Pits should not generate "monsters in walls"
  • Unided items can not stack
  • Pressing ? will bring up the game menu
  • Notify the user when switching hotkey pages
  • Talents levelup screen shows +/- in front of talent categories
  • Particles can now return one more parameter to tell the engine to never stop emitting them, even when they are all dead
  • Escort quest will not reward Water Jet anymore
  • Added ego boots
  • Removed charged egos
  • Fixed stat increasing gems
  • Added Tutorial mode
  • Multiple fixes to the Cursed class
  • Talent descriptions will now display the damage done after the percentile damage bonuses
  • Summoned creatures inherit the caster's increased percentile damage (I.E. +X% fire damage, ...)
  • Garbage collection will continue while saving (this should stop memory problems on some computers)
  • Classes descriptions now have stat bonuses
  • Improved ego chances on items in vaults
  • Warcries can not be used when silenced
  • Added wands. Yes they are costly and rare, this is wanted
  • Using Refit Golem while mounted on the golem will not create a duplicate golem
  • Zone:pickEntity will check for <= instead of just < to avoid a rare case
  • Pressing 'j' will now bring up the quest log (in addition to the old crtl+q)
  • Started creating better UI base classes, all in engine.ui.* They should be easier to use, saner, faster and look better
  • Quantity dialog supports up & down keys to increase/decrease
  • Converted most dialogs in the game to the new UI. Controls should be easier, faster and expanded (i.e: lists now support page up/page down naturally, ...)
  • Added tiles for Wights
  • Added tiles for skeletons and ghosts
  • Fixed slow motion
  • Fix Map:getObjectTotal
  • Fixed the High Peak so that High Sun Paladin Aeryn do come if she needs to
  • Targeting will scroll the map when it goes to the edges
  • Inventory & Character Sheet are available from the game menu
  • Added some more lore about the sunwall that randomly drops in the Far East
  • Added a Phoenix random boss
  • Added random birth option
  • Added Game:replaceDialog(src, dest) to replace a dialog with an other without changing ordering
  • NPCs splitting on damage: each copy will take half the damage of the blow. If half damage is sufficient to kill it the clone will still pop but with just 1 HP
  • Fixed: ensured connectivity of the path of the dead
  • Quickbirth now will recreate the same identical character, that is with all birth stats & talent assignements
  • Added a delete savefile button

Have fun!

New UI: Better controls and improved dialogs

Beta12 will feature a new bunch of classes that allow to make UIs more more easily, that are faster, easier to use and work more like normal UIs!

Preview of the new invisibility graphical effect

Next beta will activate the full map FBO and thus allow for shaders to work on the entire rendered map. The invisibility effect will thus use it to produce this, hopefully, neat effect!

Beta11 OSX port available!

The beta11 OSX port of T-Engine4 and ToME4 is now available!

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