T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta12b unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta12b !

Release highlights:

  • Added an option to the game menu "Video Options" that allow to disable antialiasing, framebuffers and shaders
  • Vital bugfixes

OSX port is in the works stay tuned!

Mac OSX is out and all seems

Mac OSX is out and all seems fine. One request. Sometimes when we watch distant mobs (we can put an fire imp taking care of approaches if needed) Wilder Meditation request is not a "mistake" and it's better clear acumulated equilibrium before they reach us and we can have sure of a more reliable summon. So, can u put a kind of count system (one time, is mistake, second distraction, third is really a desire) so the system knows that we really want Meditation?

Changes to UI seem all nice,

Changes to UI seem all nice, congratulations. Another reason to rethink meditation "prohibition". How can we reset equilibrium when escorting (also there is "too much happening spite of escort is "blocked" eh eh) and already cast a lot of creations to clear the road ahead? Also no need to say that don't cast meditation when only our creations are around are a bit annoying.

Is there any reason not to

I've been playing the Soul

I've been playing the Soul Hunter on Vista and really love it, however just recently I've run into some issues on my archmage both in Eruan zone:

1: On Eruan stage 5, if you teleport + phase door all the way down to Guren, it is possible to be absolutely overrun by those Hive creatures. The mothers can summon more mothers and there's an exponential effect that occurs I literally had 1/3 of that entire map swarmed with them with no way to take care of that many with all the obstacles in the way (and them being immune to fire, which I specialized in).

2: Could it possibly be made so your AoEs don't damage friendly units who are not minions or those being escorted? People like Guren if you accidentally AoE them you have no way to continue on; he'll keep attacking you until you die repeatedly because he has infinite health. I ran into a similar problem on the next level (Eruan 6) when I tried to assist the paladins by AoE-ing which they proceeded to charge into and hate me for it.

Aside from that, truly great game thus far. :)

Ah, some other concerns: I'm

Ah, some other concerns: I'm not sure the damage counter is working properly. I've a level 37 wizard who is primarily fire specced and still have yet to unlock pyromancer (or cryomancer, for that matter). Is there anywhere to view that counter to make sure it is indeed increasing properly?