T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta15 unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta15 !

See http://tome.te4.org/ http://te4.org/ http://blog.te4.org/

Yes, beta15 comes out very quickly. It is mostly a bug-fix release but there is one real improvement that I wanted to share with you all: Saving speed has been greatly improved. People that had really terrible saving speeds of over two minutes for simple zones are now down to a few seconds.

Release highlights:

  • Greatly improved saving time
  • New game option to disabled background saving, this blocks the game while saving but improves save speed

Expanded changelist:

  • Rewrote the data serializer, savefiles should be *much* faster
  • New option to disable background saving
  • Mage apprentice quets will now require only 10 items or an artifact staff/ring/amulet
  • Fixed wands of illumination
  • Fixed character description on the load screen
  • Fix the Dragon Helm
  • Update Tol Falas lore
  • Old forest is now a bit brighter
  • Much new Iron Throne lore
  • Higher now have a life rating instead of a lite rating :)
  • The Crypt of Kryl-Feijan will not pop before level 20
  • Elisa will not end her quets multiple times
  • Can not rush while pinned
  • Bumping encounters on the worldmap triggers them
  • Amulets of Mastery can provide bonuses to any trees
  • Divine/Guardian talents have higher requirements
  • Manasurge Rune now provides a small direct mana inscrease an a % increase of natural mana regen
  • Two new world artifacts

Have fun!

Well don't yet nothing in mac

Well don't yet nothing in mac to celebrate with you 1 year of new TOME but congratulations for ur work. Also I agree with "leaving" Middle-earth. I see in changelog and thankyou for equilibrium regen and avoid stupid fails (fail eq when was zero is absurd). You removed now "consumables" but already before should have also equi. potions. If mana users could have regen potions like not equib users that had the handicap of not use equ. when in escort and special missions. Finally I hope don't have absurd of have +300 equiibrium in the valley where he help the "ring" guy. BTW Platinium(?) rings already with one stone could be upgraded with the second one instead of need from the scratch. Thx for all

Ok, this is too bizarre! I

Ok, this is too bizarre! I downloaded T-Engine 4 1.0.0 Beta 15b aka 'Speed of Light' version OSX,
I Install and the info window says that beta15b is now avaliable. Go download it and have some fun! This version should fix the weird bugs of beta 15. You really want to upgrade.What? So the version downloaded isnt the last one? Upright version say 0.9.15 (not with b)! So I'm confused, it says I have 0.9.15 (the old bug version?), that I should go download the new version however the file downloaded from site was "t-engine4-osx-1-1.0.0beta15b". So I'm good to go or not??? Can I play without fear? What a hell! :(