Eye candy: New Flame beam

Beta14 will feature a change to the Flame spell, at level 5 it can now beam.

Have a look at the spell effect :)

Well seems nice Darkgod.

Well seems nice Darkgod. :)
Hey and you miss this post opportunity to also say that OSX version was out. Two days ago that version weren't here. Thanks for finnally compile it, I just was thinking you would skip this version for OSX. Testing, testing now...

PS Do we have still problems with Stone Golems casting? I avoid to summon any since their terrain destruction provoque a lot of terrain bugs and crashes.

Yeah sorry I got the compile

Yeah sorry I got the compile after this post.
I did update the in-game news though ;)

BTW I am not compiling the OSX port myself as I do not have any jobs-approved-hardware, that is why there is a delay

As for golems, not sure, I

As for golems, not sure, I must test it

Yah that's ok in do it ingame

Yah that's ok in do it ingame but not always we are playing it and also you always says in download page that you will warn in dev page when port is ready. RSS is more handy :)

I have x-code intalled, not really a programmer but if someone in forum posts the procediments/faq to compile it could be great.

The problems with golems is that in rock/walls areas when golem make their destructive "landscape" strikes there is great possibility that walking then in "new" created tiles. I try to avoid walk in that zones but a lot of times we don't a have a chance to avoid them cause we are displaced too to that new tlles. Usually TOME starts "thinking" and then quits.

I was to say "there is great

I was to say "there is great possibility that walking then in “new” created tiles makes game crash". I was talking about golems summoned with wilder but I believe with alchemist golem's I already have sometimes the same problem.

Darkgod, probably there's a

Darkgod, probably there's a bug in Tempest Peak mission. In TP (2) I took the stairs back to the base of mountain but it "landed"/"stuck" not in stairs but in middle of the mountains. Fortunly I had a phase scroll! :)

1 - When meditating turns

1 - When meditating turns pass right? Altought in that mode the hp usually restored is not credited.

2 - Identify skill don't seem ok after lvl3 (identify inventory). After get it at skill window is never right away avaliable. But if i save and restore the skill is credited and don't ask only for identify one object. Also I'm already lvl5 at identify and can't get the -1 floor objects identified.

Problem with OSX (at least in

Problem with OSX (at least in this plataform): In Character creation "Backspace" and "right click" don't really go back. So only way if we want to rethink is quit the window and start again.

I did some more tests and

I did some more tests and add some more info to my previous statment, "sometimes" we can't go back. Can't really get a pattern why sometimes can't go back with both ways or sometimes only rightclick works. A bit bizarre.