New Zone: Mount Doom

Here is a short video of a new zone of the next beta: Mount Doom

You must rush to the end before .. something bad .. happens!

But a horde of orcs will come and try to stop you, a line of sun paladins form to buy you some time, but do not linger!

You can also see a very small shader (used to make the lava "glow") and a new feature: actor emotes

T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta4 unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta4 !

OSX binaries will come hopefully tomorrow and the linux binaries are suspended for now until I find a good way to make them.

Release highlights:

  • Fix the random crashes that could happen, you should be safe now!
  • Changed ALL musics, please give them a try, they are very much worth it!
  • Two new zones
  • A new class
  • Much balancing and fixes

Expanded changelist:

  • insane mode cannot cheese stats
  • fixed crash on some platforms when entering levels (or even just randomly)
  • hostile encounters in the far east
  • fix achievement "that was close"
  • fix savefile code on OSX
  • Static map generator can use getMap() function inside maps to access the Map object and change it directly
  • the far east map central mountain is under a particle shield, where the High Peek will be located
  • staves are 2 handed
  • cannot wield a 2handed weapon + 1 offhand
  • new musics by Celestial Aeon Project
  • music volume setting
  • ego staves of wizardry and rarer and more expensive
  • OpenGL shaders support (not used yet)
  • changed the C map code to handle multiple textures (mainly used for shaders)
  • more orcs in the moria
  • arcane power is a sustained effect and level 1
  • manathurst is level 2
  • mages now start with arcane power instead of manathrust and lightning instead of corrosive vapour
  • some monsters now have escorts
  • new troll: the mountain troll thundered (elite)
  • New class: Anorithil! We stand between the darkness and the light
  • Rush & Blinding speed switched position to make rush easier to get
  • New talent "Heightened Senses" in cunning/survival tree (2nd position)
  • monsters now have lite(does not show)/infravision/
  • stealth/invis now prevents the monsters from targetting you
  • light makes it obvious where you are even if stealth/invis is active
  • stealth disables light automatically (invis does NOT)
  • a warning pops up if a monster targets you while stealthed or invis
  • stealth gives 1 invrafision
  • stealth more powerful at level 1
  • fix zone loading (does not recompute level)
  • level decay works correctly
  • tactical mode active from birth, stays on between saves
  • changed trollshaws as the starting zone
  • flyers are not seen unless seen
  • most zones have a 5 level range now instead of 11
  • New zone: Carn Dum, same tier as Old Forest, Maze, Sandworm Lair
  • scrolls & potions have gradual chance of destruction based on damage done
  • money is now auto-picked up
  • nerf angmar' fall a bit
  • fix fire & cold breath to do more damage
  • fire drake summon is immune to fire
  • turtle summons now get a shell shield talent
  • minotaur summon now uses its abilities more often and last longer
  • jellies summon now have more life
  • fix lightning breath for hydra summon
  • resting/running is impossible if loosing air
  • fix summoning targetting
  • player does not get infinite energy while controlling a summon
  • allow dual (or more) egos engine-side and in ToME
  • knockback breaths/balls will not do multiple knockbacks
  • mage quest can now accept rings/amulets too, if mages are unlocked the staff of Angmar Fall will be enough too
  • new zone: Unremarkable Cave (random encounter in a specific location of the far east)
  • Ego items powers are based on the material level of the base object. A mithril weapon will get better bonuses than an iron one

Have fun!

New class: Anorithil. We stand between the darkness and the light

Coming next beta to you, I present the Anorithil!

And a little gameplay video with one:

Beta 3 for OSX is available

As promised beta 3 is available at


T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta3 unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta3 ! This release improves many aspects of the game, adds new content after Tol Falas, introduces a new unlockable class, the Sun Paladin. Note: the windows binaries are now compiled in debug mode, so people who experienced random crash please run it under gdb for me (see this link: Note2: When you'll have unlocked sun paladins you'll probably notice they do not start in a "logical" location, that's normal I'll implement it later but I wanted people to try them. OSX binaries will come hopefully tomorrow and this time around we fixed them ;) Changes in no particular order:

  • many fixes
  • when attacking the assassins in the special encounter they get hostile
  • some more info in the savefile description for ToME
  • tells the player when he spotted an hostile while running/resting what it is and if it is offscreen
  • Escape works in quantity prompts
  • 4 difficulty settings: Easy/Normal/Nightmare/Insane
  • toned down the starting traps damage
  • Forest level generator
  • Level generator now ensures connectivity from entrance to exit and to level guardian usnig A*
  • Trollshaws switch to "Forest" generator, using fBm noise
  • add Cavern level generator, also based simplex noise and some floodfill
  • Keybind screen scrolls correctly on 800x600
  • many typo fixes
  • player profiles, replacing some settings, achievements wont transfer but unlocks will
  • BSP generic class
  • Town map generator
  • better particle engine; particles can follow an actor
  • many new spell effects
  • scroll of shielding
  • fix phase door & teleport to not be stopped by LOS
  • fixed savefiles for OSX
  • fireflash effect
  • extended quest line after tol falas, moria is now available
  • most talents now warn the player when self-targetting
  • cannot die in the ambush of tol falas
  • killing ukruk is now supported in tol falas ambush
  • all sustained talents deactivate if the ressource they depend on reaches 0
  • changed all speed mods to be a percent and compute them right (+100% means twice as fast not infinitely faster)
  • reduced shadowstrike damage
  • all crits are now 150% instead of 200%
  • stun/freeze/slow/pinned/confusion/blind durations reduced based on rank and physical/mental/spell resistance
  • Freeze cooldown increased to 5
  • "hit warning" displays the direction of incomming ranged attacks
  • nasty surprise for the Master
  • monster can now have escorts
  • 2 new unique random boss
  • Monsters that can open door can now .. open doors :)
  • Anacondas dont stun, they constrict
  • New quest in the far east for access to the Gates of Morning
  • Added Gates of Morning (copy of bree for now, sorry!)
  • New zone: Ardhungol, lair of spiders
  • Sun Paladin class available

Have fun!

More spell effects! In video!

Beta 3 is coming in a few hours, and to make you wait here are some of the new spell effects you'll find inside! Here we can see fireflash, manathrust beaming, lightning and some more:

And there a demonstration of the hit direction warning and persistent spell effects:

Improved particle engine: chain lightning!

Coming to you next beta: an improved particle engine to display spell effects, like this chain lightning spell: Yes this is made with the same particle engine (scripted in lua obviously) that handles explosions. I also added spinning shields around the player/npc too but a screenshot does not do them justice, you'll have to see them live. (Or, how does one capture a video of an opengl app on linux ?)

Beta 2 is upon us!

As promised, here comes T-Engine4 & ToME4 beta 2! This releases fixes many little bugs, and some major ones, re-balances some things here and there, improves the interface and CPU usage. It also come with a very dirty example module which is much much smaller than ToME that people can use as a base for their own modules. The current endgame moved a bit with the addition of Moria but not much further, in the next few betas I will implement a good part of the missing zones for levels 20-50. And this time, OSX binaries are available! List of changes in no particular order:

  • try to stop passage of time after death
  • menu for sound & music disabling
  • allow window to dynamic resize
  • do not destroy objects when not able to equip them
  • A* algorithm (engine.Astar)
  • game pauses when it looses focus, no CPU used when paused
  • modules can return true from their tick() to pause the ticking until the next SDL event, reducing CPU usage drastically
  • mouse-right-click will now make the player either:
    • run to the clicked spot if a path can be found
    • run in the direct if no path is found
    • move one turn in the direction if hostiles are present or if the clicked spot is adjacent
  • MiniMap ! default keybind: TAB
  • move lua lane keeper to a lua file, to avoid 64bits problems
  • all coroutine.resume calls no do good stacktrace
  • Mac OSX support
  • PlayerDisplay does not run every frame, better displaying performance
  • fixed crash with no music found
  • template example module
  • bows & slings improve firing range
  • fixed Berserk (wont loose attack)
  • stats on levelup are bound without considering items
  • keybinds used in Birther
  • traps are correctly detected by the Sense spell
  • new world map special encounter
  • arcane combat is now sustained
  • black mamba & anacondas are rarer and higher level
  • adjust stats&life by rank
  • Shadowblades now have "Shadow magic"
  • nobody regens mana but mages
  • id from inventory screen now updates correctly
  • do not waste cooldown & resources when canceling archery
  • talents don't activate with the mouse by just dragging over, requires a mouse up
  • identify now works on equipment too
  • black bear is greyer
  • fixed all npcs to use auto_req for their stuff
  • added moria and a reason to go there, the end is quite loose at this point
  • Ukruk now has Rush
  • Stone Wall actually works now
  • added a_lomos_del_dragon_blanco music
  • fixed chain lightning
  • new display modes: ascii with color background
  • slings are made of leather
  • gradient lightning
  • all players now start with 2 potions of cure poison
  • reduced the size of the last level of elven ruins

Have fun!

Lightning effect is bright!

Ok .. pun intended! Anyway, coming next version: gradient lightning. Again this is a per-module setting, yay T-Engine !

The MiniMap is coming!

Today is a good day! A new feature will join ToME4 next release, the minimap! ToME4 Minimap display It should be self evident what it does. There are three modes:

  • no display
  • small display in the corner
  • big display over the map

Now I'll return to implementing the Moria, Golbug and the Orb of Many Ways!

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