Smarter AI: global pathfinding using distance maps

Next beta will probably feature an update to ActorFOV that uses the (CPU hungry) FOV calculations to creation distance maps for all actors at a low cost.

A distance map is an in memory map for each actor that stores a value equal to "game.turn + LOS_radius - distance from source".
Since we can compute it with FOV it's nearly free to do so, and we can use it for fun things:

  • Easy pathfinding, just take the value at your coord on your target's distance map, and check all directions for a value higher than yours, if there is, go there. You'll thus "follow the track" of your target, and get lost if it teleports away (which is good)
  • Easy fear: do the same but for lower value and you will naturally flow to unseen areas

This feature is kinda like a follow-by-sent which might not be logical for all monsters though. You could also say it follows tracks left on the ground or something like that.

There will be a new "move_dmap" AI that does just that.

I think I'll use it on most T4 monsters.

Comments, improvements?

DarkGod this could been

DarkGod this could been stupid but what is the key to "talk" to the golem/give him weapons etc. I found that option by accident and didnt found it again. Also that command seems to not be listed in key bindings.

It's the Refit Golem talent,

It's the Refit Golem talent, if not at full health it will heal it, if at full health it will open talk the your golem.

Oh thx DarkGod I tought was

Oh thx DarkGod I tought was becoming mad and that was an allucination. :D

Well, the way of do it it's a bit obscure and to be honest a bit nonsense/unlogical. It's that really intentional (the cooldown between orders/changes and the max hp)? If not I hope u put it later as separate skill (or have a dedicate key regarding summoned creatures for creatures orders/inventory).

BTW I would prefer the taunt skill as an normal order than really a skill. A improving healing/refit would be desirable instead.

Anyway from my little exp it's fun playing as alchemist too.