T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta9 unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta9 !

Major new feature: online profiles, useful for both the player and the developer, please use them :)

Release highlights:

  • Much balancing and fixes
  • Many new artifacts
  • Online profiles
  • New quest & zones
  • Last of the prides: Gorbat Pride
  • New & nastier monsters

Expanded changelist:

  • Tooltip correctly updates
  • Pyromancer/Cryomancer now have a good class description
  • Archery masteries now have a description of the damage they provide.
  • Fixed targeting if you self-target.
  • Static map generator can now take an entity as {random_filter={...}} to generate a random entity
  • New zone: the Flooded Cave
  • New zone: the Caverns of Osse
  • New random encounter in the far east.
  • Re-adjusted damage of some NPCs
  • Fixed mouse move outside of the map
  • Fixed projectiles outside of the map
  • PlayerProfiles online sync UI is now available! Thanks to shani
  • Various stats for ToME are saved in the profile, artifacts found, uniques killed, characters created and killed
  • Some player profile rpc calls can be asynchronous to not delay gameplay
  • Implemented Body of Fire for alchemy
  • Rewrote ToME archery system, fixing bugs, making it cleaner and more pleasing
  • Improved dialogs drawing code, should be a tad faster
  • No automatic choice at birth even with only one entry
  • Added tridents
  • Display item key when picking up
  • Fixed the EnterName dialog to release keyboard control when cancelled
  • Zone:getGenerator will check the generator exists
  • Greater Multi-Hued Wyrm is more powerful
  • Fixed log display, color will now "bleed" to the next line correctly
  • Increased the penalities of nightmare and insane modes
  • Added a new event at the end of Moria to better link the story
  • Renamed physical/spell/mental resistance to "save"
  • Added silence effects, prevents scroll use, spells and divine talents
  • Added nagas
  • Added disarm effect to some NPCs
  • Increased the rarity of non-native NPCs
  • Divination/Identify now correctly works in a radius
  • Phantasmal Shield now does correct damage
  • Quicken Spell has all ranks useful
  • Tooltip fixed position
  • Fixes giving the staff of absorption to the apprentice mage
  • Ressource cost in talent display now correctly accounts for fatigue
  • Added a Map.attrs(x, y, k, v) method to store various attributes on the map at x, y in a key 'k'. If 'v' is given it sets it otherwise it gets it. Actor:randomTeleport() wont teleport to places with the no_teleport flag set
  • Fixed the exit of Eruan
  • Orc necromancers have new powers in Rak'Shor Pride
  • Orc blood mages have appeared in Rak'Shor Pride
  • High level NPCs ca have stats over 60
  • Orc corruptors in Rak'Shor Pride
  • Rak'Shor Pride boss is now quite harder
  • New images for the remaining objects!
  • Walls created by Stone Prison are now diggable
  • Added rng.normalFloat() function
  • Fixed equilibrium using NPCs
  • New zone: Gorbat Pride (unfinished but playable)
  • Temporal spell Congeal Time now throws a slow moving bolt that can hit multiple targets
  • Stone Prison walls are diggable
  • Objects can have a "carrier" table field, just like "wielder", that adds properties when carried
  • Added eight new world artifacts
  • The Orbs of Command now grant a stat increase while carried

Have fun!

I tried to load a save from

well since no new mac version

well since no new mac version is out i went to windows check how new version was doing. WTF is wrong in this version? I hope that ur idea of balancing isnt that now the first mob i find is a lvl12 troll or get surrounded swarms of enemies. How and where to progress a lvl1 char? Also there is a lot of mobs without letter. they seem like "invisible"...

Finally found the start of

Finally found the start of the apprentice mage quest.... but somehow a bug has been introduced in the Lua script and I can't finish the conversation.

If I edit the script to fix it, will it affect the game in real time? Or do I get to kill the process and resume from my last save? (it's been a looooong time)

[CHAT] selected I will keep that in mind function: 0x10fe1a80 nil
Lua Error: /engine/interface/ActorQuest.lua:31: /data/quests/mage-apprentice.lua:49: 'then' expected near 'ans'

    At [C]:-1 
    At [C]:-1 error
    At /engine/interface/ActorQuest.lua:31 grantQuest
    At /data/chats/mage-apprentice-quest.lua:70 action
    At /engine/dialogs/Chat.lua:72 use
    At /engine/dialogs/Chat.lua:42 on_input
    At /engine/KeyCommand.lua:61 receiveKey
    At /engine/KeyBind.lua:208 

[CHAT] selected I will keep that in mind function: 0x10fe1a80 nil
Lua Error: /engine/interface/ActorQuest.lua:31: /data/quests/mage-apprentice.lua:49: 'then' expected near 'ans'
    At [C]:-1 
    At [C]:-1 error
    At /engine/interface/ActorQuest.lua:31 grantQuest
    At /data/chats/mage-apprentice-quest.lua:70 action
    At /engine/dialogs/Chat.lua:72 use
    At /engine/dialogs/Chat.lua:48 ?
    At /engine/KeyBind.lua:198 

38 ticks in 10.285 seconds = 3.6947 TPS
[CHAT] selected I will keep that in mind function: 0x10fe1a80 nil
Lua Error: /engine/interface/ActorQuest.lua:31: /data/quests/mage-apprentice.lua:49: 'then' expected near 'ans'
    At [C]:-1 
    At [C]:-1 error
    At /engine/interface/ActorQuest.lua:31 grantQuest
    At /data/chats/mage-apprentice-quest.lua:70 action
    At /engine/dialogs/Chat.lua:72 use
    At /engine/dialogs/Chat.lua:48 ?
    At /engine/KeyBind.lua:198 

316 frames in 10.022 seconds = 31.5306 FPS

Found the above bug by the

Found the above bug by the way, line 49 in data/quests/mage-apprentice.lua (as it says above):

   -- Special handling for the staff of absorption
                        if o.define_as 21ans22 o.define_as == "STAFF_ABSORPTION" then

"ans" should probably be "and"

And fortunately, you don't

And fortunately, you don't compile or cache the Lua script, so editing it worked. :)

Yeah I have fixed it for

Yeah I have fixed it for beta10 :)