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Died to carelessness

One should not play TOME while distracted. Is that an ominous-looking vault in a tier 3 zone? What could possibly go wrong with opening it?

- Do I have an escape ability? No?
- Will I come up with an escape plan when faced with 20+ snow giants? No?
- Will I pay attention to who can hit me and how much damage they can cause? No?

Time to start over!

Died to a vault with monster at +20 level

Learned a lesson today. A vault in a tier 1 dungeon may contain level 29 monsters.

Died to the Grand Corruptor in Charred Scar

Playing as a Bulwark.

I had decent resistance (50% blight, 11% all), the rune of dissipation and a silence torque, but just could not out damage two mages at the same time. I was struck down with 100+ points of darkness damage as I was trying to get away from them.

Died to being stubborn

I started with a Wyrmic character without having a strategy in mind. This character did surprisingly well.

I decided to fight Worm that Walks instances in the Old Forest. I won three fights and lost one fight, even though I had the chance to escape.

Lesson learned - Wyrmic is a strong class, but feels boring. The Worm that Walks is a tough enemy.

Died to the Master in Dreadfell

I was able to kill him once. Then, he resurrected. He and his summons were around level 40, 10 levels higher than me. I... just struggled.

I had 70% cold and darkness resist, the rune of dissipation, and a torque of silence. I had gone as far as I could in all the other dungeons -- though not all of them. Just a tough boss.

Died to the boss in Tempest Peak

Got hit by Urkis, the High Tempest for 270 points of lightning damage (I had 67% resist) AND by a thrown boulder for 130 points of damage in one turn. I had a total of 600hp and was not anticipating such a spike. I wasn't watching my HP carefully and should've shielded when below 50% hp. But more importantly, I wasn't watching the number of enemies on screen who can hit me. I didn't anticipate the boulder.

Luckily, I had the Blood of Life effect.

Died in The Maze from fighting too many NPCs

Tried to fight approximately 6 NPCs at the same time. Got too confident.

Died in locked room to OP NPC

Died to a level 39 boiling horror at level 17. Boiling horrors can repel then attack you from range, neutralizing my powerful melee attacks.

Died in mystery dungeon to OP npc

Died in Alobar, which had a level range of just 1, to a level 35 mob when I was level 12.

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