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Levelling hints

Derth arena is locked out after they are attacked, which is usually after maj eyal and you are at least level 10; Talk to the relaxing man. After this the mountains, and forest by the lake southwest of derth are marvelous to go through, followed by the ruined dungeon.
The portable chest in the lake through the old forest is excellent for money and carrying things. Get the key before swimming down into the lake.
Daikara should be done after the western beach if you want its timeless content fastest, although the sand takes travel tools to safely go through.
The halfling ruins will help you focus if passed perfectly. The elvish ruins start more difficultly but have a less steep curve. The spellblaze is a perfectly honest name with a trap at the end.
The ultimate challenge on this trip comes after the final ruins.

Alchemist criticism and bugs

Alchemists are great to play; Dancing with and blasting my foes alongside my intelligent and loyal companion who holds its own with its' pair of weapons is on par with the best and my favorite styles of combat in the game. Although there are a few quality of life issues that I can't log in to forums, so I'll leave them here.

The alchemist infusion sustains will delete all the remaining fire damage when their staff is fire typed and they use channel staff, the supercharge golem is a full heal resurrection instead of the designed partial percent, and the second golem magic talent looks like it needs to be a sustain or have a duration listed.

Raging client

So I went to the last floor of the crypt with my cursed thalore. I thought I wouldn't make it without better speed, even with my charge and movement infusion, keeping in mind that I play an almost total melee character (excepting gloom bolts). The cultists and I had fun playing axe tag and I was surprised to see the BBED appear. While she let me trade blows with her I started planning to get -some- range options so I could avoid having to finish a chase.. and then she dropped arrows of unerring flight annihilation. I picked them up and the game crashed. Lol too much awesome?

Something new

Tags say it all. I've recently been hooked in the game and I'm going to try this experiment.

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