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loving scrolls

just beat a boss with the power of teleport and phase door scrolls that I had picked up on my travels.
Got a Low Health warning already, got physical effect reductions... I was going to die!
And no! I beat the boss to his death (or my golem did, not sure actually it was such a crazy battle)

<3 scrolls!

Is there any way to record a video clip from a game session and/or take screenshots?

deaths and births

argh! my alchemist died at level 19. Just as I was feeling like a winner :)
A strange orc zapped me to my death pretty quickly.
But here we go again, level 8 again... Alchemist!

Frank and Alan

This is the first entry for the adventures of Frank (The Alchemist) Drebin and Alan (The Golem) Partridge in the magical world of Tome.
They had just entered Norgos Lair for the official naming ceremony for Alan.
Frank was excited. He also had some hopes of gaining level 9 there.
Since he had only one life, things had to proceed slowly.

Death came quick

Wow, just died again.
I was feeling quite like hey this level x of Dreadfell is so easy...
Died! Some rare killed me with three hits or so, so quickly I didn't even check out the health bar until it said something like 25?!

Well unlocked something again, and made a personal level record, lvl 22.

dreaming horrors

Wow, made it to level 19, personal record.
Killed a dreaming horror! Twisted being :)
Although it was not the same dreaming horror as the one that killed the previous Summoner,
it's at least his/her cousin :) (different dungeon)

Man, love this game!



yeah we gotta learn some day...
now I'm level 14 again, the roguelike-difficulty is a good teacher.

I'm coming at you, dreaming horror (who killed my last summoner), after 10 more levels or so :)

Super Mega

Yeah... Been playing a while now. Just died with my highest-level-yet chap... well actually it was a female.
Thought that female power would get me far or something.
Anyway Level 18 Summoner, with about 80% exp for the next level. Died in Dreadfell.
Well, to start thinking that the character has the powers to overcome and destroy all that comes...
is a mistake I keep making.

But what the hell, I'll start again. Nice to get good challenge from those that killed me.
I have no idea how to get those, but I guess it's a good way to stay humble.
I wasn't ready for Dreadfell takeover yet.

Right on, I'll be back in the near future, perhaps Saturday, and fight my way to at least new personal level record.
Would like to unlock some classes too.


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