Unkillable mobs and boss in starting area

I love the Fairie race especially when you play it as a battledancer.
There is just one thing that bothered me: in the starting area there are mobs you just can't kill. I tried with different classes and I keep dealing 0 damage.
One lucky run I was able to reach the last dungeon level and the boss is unkillable as well, so I just left the area. The problem is, tough, that by leaving the area you can't finish the starting quest cause there is no way to return back.

Hope this will be fixed.

This is very strange... I

This is very strange... I love the Faerie race too, and I have never had any problems with the starting area. Mind you, I've only been a Faerie Archmage, so I don't have your experience.

Have you tried posting this question on the appropriate forum thread?

Glad to see another Faerie!