JRPG module progress, test demo released

Lately I was working on creating a JRPG-like module for T-Engine, and I managed to recreate most of my beta-4 module in beta-38.

Impemented features are:


 -You control a party consisting of several members
 -You can open a party menu, which shows HP and SP of all your party member
 -You can view information about individual party members
 -Party members can gain experience and level up, increasing their stats
 -Party members have individual skills

Skills (named 'Attacks' internally):
 -Can be physical or magical based
 -Can be elemental
 -Can heal allies
 -Behaviour can be customized further
 -Damage calculation made more JRPG-ish - now characters and enemies have
  Attack and Defense stats, and damage is calculated as ATK - DEF / 2.
  Of course, this behaviour can be changed in the corresponding file.

Battles and enemies:
 -Supports random and predefined encounters
 -Battle process is handled in a separate dialog, with a few helper dialogs for player input
 -Enemies attack party members
 -Enemies can have elemental weaknesses or resistance
 -Active turn-based battle system. All combatants - players and enemies - gain energy on each tick. When a combatant's energy reaches 1000, that combatant can perform an action.

 -Waypoints, a way for the player to instantly teleport to a certain spot
  Not really utilized just yet.
 -Savepoints, locations where you can save and recover your party
 -You can't save normally

What's not here yet:

 -Status effects - poison, paralysis, buffs and debuffs and so on
 -Interface probably can be made more user-friendly
 -Speed (the character stat) is not used yet
 -No dialogs on party member levelup
 -No chat system implemented
 -No equipment
 -Can't choose characters to form a party
 -Maybe there's a better way to handle locations

I already have a test demo, where you can walk around a small room fighting random encounters.
The save point in that room also allows you to fight two different opponents. There's not much to see in actual gameplay sense, but I think this module demonstrates the features I've implemented.

The player party characters I'm using in this module are from Touhou Project (a Japanese shoot-em-up series). It doesn't really matter that much - this is a test demo, not an actual game.


  In the dungeon:

  Enter - Open party menu
  m - Start a battle, for testing purposes

  During a battle:

  Escape - End a battle immediatly, for testing purposes

All other input is handled with List and ListColumn objects - you're presented a list of possible options, and you choose one with arrow keys & Enter, or with the mouse.

I think this module already can be used to make an actual game - the basic RPG elements are here. Keep in mind, though, that it is still currently in development and might contain bugs. If you want to make your own module based on this one, feel free. Just remember to give me credit.

If you're interested in this module's inner working, take a look in the .team file (it's just a renamed .zip file). I've tried to write enough comments in order to make my code understandable. If something is unclear to you, ask away.

Post your suggestions and bugs you discover on this blog entry, or contact me:


The module can be downloaded here:


This is Neat

I think this is a neat demonstration of what is possible. You have gotten to a nice point to progress from. Before you get to far into specialties I would suggest not using the dialog box for the combat. I think teleporting the player to an arena and spawning allies will work better from a user stand point. Plus you can take advantage of more t-engine features like particle effects. I hope you make progress and make a cool game.

you should also start a thread in the forum for this

Thanks for the suggestion.

Thank you for your input. I'll see what I can do with your idea about battle implementation. I think that there still should be a main class that controls the battle flow and register the choice selection dialogs when player input is required.

I gladly would make a thread on the forums, but I can't register. The registration page says that my e-mail is 'not allowed to be used'. I did contact the developers on this problem (used the 'Contact' page on this site), but haven't received a reply yet.

What's your e-mail address?

I'll see if I can fix it. Or come on #tome at irc.rizon.net some time.

Awesome to see this progress

Awesome to see this progress so quickly! What Goblinz suggested for handling combat seems like a good idea, but other than that it's hard to give feedback from a players' point of view at this early stage of development.

I really do think that this project has a ton of potential, so best of luck to you! ;) I'll follow the development with interest, and I look forward to seeing this module evolve further.