Preview: new birth screen

Hi fellow players!


Next beta is going to introduce a new birth screen which should hopefully be much nicer to use.

It also introduces "premades" which are a new way of handling quickbirth, more obvious to people.



Have fun!

Looks good

Yeah, that does look better. Heh, to be honest, the whole time I was watching the vid I was trying to spot any new classes you got for us! I've been itching for something new!


Looks really good right now...this should make things much easier...although please make the description scrollable...

@pyris311: You should note the construct race already, as for class...take a careful look when the class selection is at Wilder group...

Permission to localize

It is lot of fun to play Tome.
I would like to translate the game into Japanese.
I am wondering if you give me permission to make a patch.

Well yes although I doubt it

Well yes although I doubt it is really feasible, the game is not at all made with I18N in mind, strings are all over the place

Re.Well yes although I doubt it

Once fonts are replaced by Japanese fonts, Tome4 can display almost all contents as Japanese,for example chats,lores,texts,names of objects,descriptions of talents. I think names of talents can not be changed,but Tome4 can be playable for Japanese if some descriptions in lua files are translated.