Tales of Maj'Eyal beta31 aka "Slime of Death"

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta31 ! See http://te4.org/

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Release highlights:

  • Many many bugfixes
  • Improved sand tileset, new slime tileset

Expanded changelist:

  • Runic/Infusion saturation do not prevent entering the worldmap anymore
  • Fix arena start crash
  • Stair up in Yillkgur has a tile
  • Typos
  • All party members now benefit from resting improved regens
  • Fix huge lag when something is blinded
  • Fixed clicking near the top of the chat log
  • Lore on Z'quikzshl
  • Fix unkillable npcs
  • Fix a bug with Vimsense when saving/reloading
  • Drain vim regain is now affected by the target's rank
  • Sacrifice is now 40% of current life
  • Blood Sacrifice darins 50% life
  • Summons can not be permastuck in the Fearscape
  • Fix saving while controlling a summon/golem
  • Fix a rare bug in the running code
  • Fixed Map:checkAllEntitiesCount
  • Fix the damage achievements
  • Greatly increase the rarity of water breathing egos
  • Summoner's summons now inherit resistance penetration
  • New weapon egos correctly project on strike
  • Orc mothers are correctly flagged as female
  • Force autosave on zone change on, to ensure savefile consistency
  • Damage shields show up as a bar on the left pane
  • Each level of the Infinite Dungeon now has a random boss guard
  • Fix the sometimes missing random worldmap locations
  • Sandworm Lair finally got its own unique music
  • Added some missing tiles
  • New slime tileset
  • Target projection path will display the best possible outcome, showing unknown grids in yellow
  • Increased life timed effect will only stun when it is removed with not enough life left
  • The Room of Death is a no teleport zone, to prevent .. untimely death of the content
  • Sun Infusions are considered attacks/disable for the AI
  • Critical strike messages are in bold
  • Fixed Zigur cultivation fields
  • New possible random zone tileset: slime
  • Improves sandwall tileset
  • Molten lava tileset
  • Most talents that scale of a stat do so more linearily
  • Reduced the power cost of staves of illumination
  • Fix tutorial player tile
  • Fixed Strangle Hold
  • All demons are now part of the Fearscape faction
  • All creatures in the Crypt of Kryl-Feijan are now part of the Fearscape faction
  • Fix Paladin vs. Undead vault when appearing in the Dreadfell
  • Track description fixed
  • Fixed ice to cold resists on crystals
  • Willpower now increases Stamina by 2.5 per point instead of 2
  • Fix show all achievements
  • Dead creatures cannot get healed
  • Alchemist's golem now has a random color tile
  • Tentative fix for the NaN gold
  • Walrog lore
  • Hate is now correctly unaffected by fatigue
  • Melinda can now move in with you in the Fortress
  • Fixed Archmages starting in Angolwen who used custom tiles, they now correctly get the orb of scrying
  • Sun Flare lights up the area in a radius double of the blinding radius

Have fun!

"Greatly increase the rarity

"Greatly increase the rarity of water breathing egos"

Do you mean they are now less rare, or they are even harder to find?

Harder to find.

They were way, way too common in b30.

no sound ?

I play on mac and since beta 28 i think, there"s no sound, is it normal ?

Be sure to download the

Be sure to download the version that has sound atleast once now and you should be fine not downloading the future music versions.