Tales of Maj'Eyal beta37 aka "Dawn of Victory"

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta37 ! See http://te4.org/

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This is a bugfix release to fix some important b36 bugs and it also is a celebration for winning the roguelike of the year poll!


Release highlights:

  • Many important bugfixes
  • Disappearing zones should be fixed, at last!

Expanded changelist:

  • Fixed dying at the orc ambush
  • Made the end of the lichform quest more obvious
  • New "unavailable" category in the use talent menu
  • Fixed staff of absorption quest when loosing the ambush
  • Grand Arrival: Stone Golem correctly checks for stun immunity
  • Grand Arrival: Flamespitter now correctly affects foes
  • Stealth bonus correctly shows in the character sheet
  • When killing foes in walls the object drops will try to move into a clean space nearby
  • Perhaps fixed actor duplication on level change
  • A NPC using switch place while dying will not duplicate the player
  • Displacement Shield cast correctly respects maximun range
  • Wearing an item directly from the transmo chest will correctly remove it from the chest
  • Learning spells wil a shadowblade or an arcane blade will not provide mana regen
  • Necrotic minions will not spawn Will'o'Wisp upon death if their master is already dead
  • Necrotic Aura will be present even for necromancers starting with no talents
  • Smaller initial resolution
  • Golem/Arcane tree talents are now considered spells & can be silenced
  • Lichform can not be unlearnt
  • Fixed the disappearing zones bug. I'm quite sure this time! :)
  • Time Prison now prevents the application of any timed effects
  • The transmo chest will only start to provide energy once you have talked to the butler
  • Grand Corruptor correctly triggers the quest even in the fearscape if spawned in the mark of the spellblaze
  • Sunder Arms/Armour does not check for stun resistance anymore
  • Grab/Crush/Constrict check for pin resistance instead of stun resistance
  • Switching control of your character will not prevent respecing talents
  • Removed speed rune from the Weirdling Beast; gave him a new one to compensate
  • When 'l'ooking around if you press enter you get a map menu just like when right clicking
  • Darkness & Shadows trees are not spells
  • Bone Grab correctly deals damage
  • Fixed when Fillarel is dies in the unremarkable cave
  • Disruption Shield now takes effect *after* damage shield, time shield, displacement shield
  • Talent icons stay greyed out even when cooling down when the talent is unusable (but the countdown is still shown)
  • Disperse magic now respects range

Have fun!