ToME won the 2011 roguelike of the year award!

Thank to all those that voted, this both makes me happy and proud that many people like my game so much.

2011 has been an amazing year for ToME, many releases with meaty changelogs, more content than ever, some heavy rebalancings, much UI polish and obviously shockbolt gfx.

Thank to all the people that have contributed things, small or large: this is also your win!

Oh and to celebrate it, prepare for incoming b37 :)

Good job everybody! :D

Good job everybody! :D

I am happy this game won!

And I hope to continue to turn more of my eRepublik friends onto it. It is a much better and far more enjoyable use of one's recreational time.

Expected and deserved

This contest had me try other roguelikes that I otherwise would not have tried (ToME was my first roguelike years ago when it didn't look anything like it does now, so I stuck with it), and while I found many that are great and worth playing, ToME is still #1 in my book!


Thanks :))

Thanks :))

the best roguelike ever ?

with Darkgod's coding , vision and with shockbolts gfx , along with the community help , i think this may be the best roguelike ever for me.

I look forward the official release of the game !

Tome Roguelike of the year

Just getting into the genre(started out a few weeks ago with Dredmor) I am so happy I stumpled upon Tome! If I haven't misunderstood, a roguelike winning the roguelikeGOTY poll more than once was until now unprecedented <3


It really hurts me to see what depths this game has come to since this time last year.

Really? They've gone so low as to sell ingame features for real money?

It used to be my favourite, but the game I loved is long gone.

...Oh well, at least DCSS is still good.


You are entitled to your opinion, but in mine, rewarding supporters with rather minor feature bumps is pretty trivial.

I donated and have not taken advantage of the bonus features and do not intend to.

Given the devotion and responsiveness of the developers and the quality and pace of their work, it disappoints me that some of the userbase might make such sweeping and harsh judgements from such small provocation. I hope none of the contributers take your thoughts as representative.

It's not the money that

It's not the money that upsets me. As I'm 14 and therefore don't have a credit card, it's more the hassle.

And even that's not too bad. What saddens me is that this signals that the developers value people who give them money over the rest of their adoring fanbase.

Oh, and Shockbolt gfx are

Oh, and Shockbolt gfx are ugly


Graphics are easily changed in the settings. No need to complain about something that is not a permenant setting.


Wow. I've had a couple drinks but still managed to delete what I *was* going to write. Pteriforever? STFU. If Shockbolt gfx are ugly, then you can play in ASCII mode- in which case custom tiles for donating wouldn't matter to you in the first place. Stop trolling while you're young, bad habits will hold you back all through life.

Deserved indeed.

It has only been a couple of days since I found out about this game, I saw a series of videos on Youtube. After my interest in roguelike-games had been awoken by "Dwarf Fortress" a few months ago, I started exploring the genre in depth. I played a good amount of them or at least got first impressions otherwise, but "Tales of Maj'Eyal" undoubtedly is one of the best I have seen so far. The only thing it is lacking for me is the randomness of the world, it becomes difficult to play through the same parts of the game over and over. But since I started out with "Dwarf Fortress" I am probably spoiled in that regard.

Overall this game does deserve to be mentioned when talking about the best of the best. But judging from my own experience, I can not be sure if the outcome of this contest has been influenced by the sheer number of players who even know a particular game. Roguelikes aren't games of the masses, so statistics can and will be deceptive.

I am getting off-road here. Just wanted to say that ToME is an awesome game, that it deserves it's place in this contest, that it is an incredible gift to be able to play it for free, that I do not care about minor things you are rewarded with by monetarily supporting this project, that I do feel bad I have not yet donated myself for all the fun I have gotten out of this game and that the terrible Internet exposes more and more people who need their noses broken by me.

Thanks for the work and effort put into this. And congratulations on being the best roguelike of 2011!

PS: I know I am late. But should I really care?