Nearly left ToME dev forever...

Yesterday I was driving (to see a doctor, the irony) when suddently I am not quite sure how I hit the grass on the side, it was raining too, trying to get back on track I got shot to the other side of the road where an other car hit my side (the side I was in) sending me back to the other side wihtout any control left, I passed the road and ended up 4 meters bellow, upside down.

I was hanging from my seat, only suspended by my seatbelt (which probably saved my life) with blood dripping from my head. Not a very fun moment. I managed to untie my belt, fall on the floor and get out and then I waited for help. They got me to the hospital, had me examined and I seem to actually be very lucky, I didnt break anything. Just a not too bad headwound and many many bruises. I can not raise an harm without much pain, or move, but it shall get better (and look, I can still type!).

Sometimes the human mind is weird, I as I was untying my belt, and getting ready to get out I noticed water on the floor and thought something like that: "Oh shit water, I'll wet my shoes!" Yes .. silly given the events .. :)

That's what left of my car now, after it was moved out of the way and put back "on feet". Poor car, she sacrificied her life to save mine.


So basically, I am glad to still be with you in the world of the living and you'll have to bear with ToME for quite a while yet :)

PS: and if you wish to donate to help me get a new car, I'd be very glad; I kinda need a car :/


Dang, that looks like a really bad accident! Glad you are okay. Really sucks about the care though, but at least you got out of it in one piece!

Critical Hit!!!

Thank the Gods for Saving Throws and Seat Belts! Glad you escaped relatively unscathed

I'm glad you survived. And I

I'm glad you survived. And I know what you mean about the human mind. I was in a bad wreck once, and even though I couldn't feel my legs and my car was all smushed, all I was thinking was, "Where are my eyeglasses?" I was asking the paramedics who were trying to load me in an ambulance if they'd seen my eyeglasses anywhere.


Glad you came out of it in one piece (mostly.) That's quite shocking. I imagine you are probably still reeling from it. Be well.

Oh no!

You must have missed your doctor's appointment!

But seriously, this sounds very scary, and we're all glad you got away so lucky. Shame about the car, but such material things are worth a lot less than your flesh and blood.

True words

The Car may be gone but the most important thing is that he survived. Life is more important than a vehicle which gets you to places quickly. There is so much more to life than people think, which is why i hate it when i hear of people committing suicide and ending their life before they get a chance to experience the joys and wonders of the world.

Glad he survived. I've not got a lot of words to say but, to the guy who nearly died in the accident (Who is also the developer of my #1 favourite game in the world which is ToME): good luck and heal up. Drink a hot cup of Tea while dunking biscuits in the tea and enjoy a video game or movie. Great way to relax. :)

Try to take a break from development and rest and remember, every living being has many reasons to live and you developing games is only a small reason. The biggest reason is to be a part of this world and you living and caring for all your family and friends and relatives gives you the biggest purpose in the world that many of us carry.

Keep on living, dude! :)


Holy shit. I was reading the

Holy shit. I was reading the text thinking how horrible it all sounded, then I scrolled down and saw the picture... It absolutely boggles my mind that you're still in one piece! Sure, the human body is more resilient than one might think, and most cars today are pretty well designed from a safety perspective, but judging from your description as well as the picture I'd expect a couple of broken bones at the very least...

I'm really relieved for both you and your family's sake that you didn't get permanently crippled, or worse. And even if it could've been a lot worse I hope you're taking good care of yourself, going through a trauma like that would leave anyone shaken up as hell. I know I'm hardly a doctor or anything but I still strongly recommend you take a couple of days of rest ;)

As for your car though... yeah that sucks. I'll make a donation in memoriam in a day or two.

Make sure to take it easy the next couple of days, and don't feel pressured to work with ToME if you're in pain or if you've got too much other stuff on your mind. There's no point to working yourself into the ground after all this stuff has happened.

I hope you'll recover nicely -- "get well soon", as they say.


I am glad you are OK!
That looks like one heck of a mess you barely escaped.
I hope your healing goes quickly.

DG, you need to be more

DG, you need to be more careful in the future! Get more stun immunity!

Stay safe!

Very glad you're relatively unscathed yourself. Hope you get well soon.

Luck +50

Oh man, that's some heavy stuff. Glad you're ok, not so glad that you don't have a vehicle though.

I don't think the Powers that Be will let you go until ToME gets out of beta phase; you're pretty much immortal until that happens!

Ahah you mean if I never go

Ahah you mean if I never go out of beta I'll live forever ? neat ! :)

And thanks you all for your

And thanks you all for your kind messages.
I'm still hurting a lot but its getting a bit better, my right shoulder is the worst, but I dont need to move it to code! :)

Sorry to hear about the

Sorry to hear about the accident, although I'm very happy you survived without serious injury. I wish you a speedy recovery of those the remaining pains and bruises.

So sorry to see this but

So sorry to see this but wonderful you are okay! I for one will donate to the TOME 4 Auto Fund ;) Please let us know how to best do this.

Heal well and thanks for all you have given *us*!


Yikes! Sorry to hear that

Yikes! Sorry to hear that DG. Glad you're alive and in relatively good shape.

Glad to hear you're okay.

That's a pretty amazing wreck to walk away from. Hope you get better soon, and that you got reasonably good painkillers until then. :)

much love

so good that you're relatively okay, save for the loss of your car. stay tuff!

Happy you are well!

You definitely earned that blood of the life vial! Just take care.

Good fortune

I'm from Ukraine, so sorry for possible bad English )
It's very good to know that you survived such crash!
I've been enjoing ToME for a couple of months now and some of my colleagues are already addicted too)
I would like to send a few EURO to support you but my VISA is valid for internet payments only in Europe and CIS countries (

Be careful when driving and good luck :)

Glad you're okay!

You'd have to have a halfling foot hanging from your mirror to be any luckier. That is by all accounts one of the worst wrecks I've seen in a long time. Here's to a quick recovery and a new car soon. Just take it easy for a while, 'kay?



Good god man, that picture is just scary. So glad you survived, looks like you're on Adventure mode :)

glad to here your ok

can't believe i missed this yesterday glad your ok and best of luck healing

Stay safe.

What a terrible accident! The RNG was definitely on your side. I wish you a speedy recovery.

what a messed car and what a blessed man you are :-)

Get better soon!

Slippery rocks, most likely.

DG, I'm not sure that what you skidded on was grass. Sounds more like a slippery rock to me. (I'm sorry, but I /had/ to get you back for all those fragile Insane mode characters wrecked by those silly traps.)

I can totally feel you about the shoes, btw--there's nothing like a good pair of suede shoes, but they're maimed by the slightest drop of water. Count your blessings if they escaped unscuffed.

Do get well! Oh, and play some twitch games once in a while, not just roguelikes.


Looks awful, good thing you weren't hurt!


So glad to see you're ok!