Sneak peak at b43 new feature:Prodigies!

At level 40 and 50 you get to learn a prodigy. They are single points talents, not bound by class. So any class can learn any of the 42 possible prodigies, given they meet the requirements (a stat >= 50 and usually something else).

A few examples:
  • Massive Blow: deal big weapon damage + knockback, if a wall is it i is destroyed, does more damage
  • Meteoric Crash: all your spells have a chance to call down a meteor that deals damage, spawns lava and stuns
  • Garkul's Revenge: Deal 1000% damage to all constructs and 20% more to all humanoids
  • Temporal Form: turn into a gwelgoroth and cast anomalies
  • Eye of the Tiger: each spell/mind/phys crit reduces the remaining cooldown of a spell/mind/phys talent
  • Fast as Lightning: moving very fast in the same direction for 3 turns lets you pass walls
  • Draconic Body: Your body hardens, when pushed below 30% life you are healed for 40% of your total life.

Sounds fun ? well there are mannnnnny more to discover!



+ 1 You keep adding stuff

+ 1

You keep adding stuff and we keep loving it :)

Not sure about the name

The idea and skills that I know about are great. The name, not so much. At least in American English, a Prodigy is a person who develops advanced level skills as a young child. For example, a 5 year old who is an expert level piano player. This skills are learned when your character is at a very high level, so your character is not a prodigy.

Not that it's a huge deal, just pointing it out.

The feature sounds great, agree the name is not great

Prodigies are inherently young.


"Celestials?" (A bit of a D&D heritage with that name)

"Venerables," maybe?

Prodigy is fine

prod·i·gy (prd-j)
n. pl. prod·i·gies
1. A person with exceptional talents or powers: a math prodigy.
2. An act or event so extraordinary or rare as to inspire wonder. See Synonyms at wonder.
3. A portentous sign or event; an omen.

So number 2. In this case your special ability is so extraordinary and rare that it inspires wonder. I vote for Prodigy! I don't believe the name refers to the player, but the ability.


Destiny Points (Claiming your destiny)
Ascension Points (Ascending to greatness)
Feats (self explaining)

Prodigy is not fine

When it comes to writing and naming things, the dictionary definition is less important than what the word's connotation, and prodigy's conntation is of someone who mastered something as a child. Mastery would be my suggestion.

Oh man, I didn't think I

Oh man, I didn't think I would receive a rebuttal. I was just saying I like prodigy and it's a word that fits it.


This usage of the word "prodigy" is just bizarre. Catwhowalksbyhimself is spot-on correct, no one uses the word this way at all. When I hear "at level 40 you get a prodigy!" I think "wait, at level 40 I'm going to adopt a genius?"
I vote for "Masteries", "Capstones", "Wondrous Feats", or "Ultimates".


Do our enemies get prodigies too?

Some bosses :)

Some bosses :)

How about Paragon Talent?

How about Paragon Talent?