Tales of Maj'Eyal on Steam Greenlight: go vote!


Version 1.0 has never been that close, the next beta will be the last to add new content, after that it's feature freeze to hammer the bugs before V1.

To celebrate that and prepare for the future, I submited ToME4 to the steam greenlight project, so please go vote for it and pass the word to your friends!




Done, shun.

Done, shun.

Good luck!

Also, does this mean the final version will be non-free? If so, will previous donations have any weight?

Amazing !

Great! Voted and favourited. Good luck!



Shardz, I don't know what you

Shardz, I don't know what you are (or were - post was edited) complaining about. Just because it's available on steam doesn't mean you have to get it there OR that it will cost money.

Rest assured, the game will

Rest assured, the game will stay free; donators have always had a few perks and steam people will all be considered donators that's all. Still free, still opensource, still flying! :)

So, Steam users get all the

So, Steam users get all the perks that we donators enjoy without contributing anything? That doesn't seem too fair if I'm reading this correctly.

What ? Steam people will pay

What ?
Steam people will pay for those just like donators do .. I dont see the difference

OK, I misread, "steam people

OK, I misread, "steam people will all be considered donators that's all". That's if they choose to be. If they don't, they get what the free user gets. There are scores of ToME players who loathe Steam/Valve, so this won't be the only sour reaction you'll get. ; )

There are "scores" of ToME

There are "scores" of ToME players who loathe Steam/Valve? Loathe is an awfully powerful word. When did we do a survey asking how many ToME players loath Steam? I missed that bit.

You're the first person I've

You're the first person I've heard of loathing steam/valve, period.


Steam has been loathed in different games.

As an example: (Dead is Dead mode in X3: Terran Conflict) because if the internet connection to steam fails for *any* reason, the current progress of the game is lost permanently. This kind of behavior is devastating for the player, as tens or hundreds of extremely carefully played hours are wiped out because an internet server may have experienced a glitch.

I have not joined Steam in the past ( no reason to join ) but I empathise with the victims.

We haven't been introduced,

We haven't been introduced, have we.

I fully understand why DarkGod wants in on Steam's distribution and exposure network, but loathe is pretty much the word I'd use. No big, I'm not his only customer, and it's not like I don't already have the game.

Lots of people heard from in gaming magazines and review sites who hate being forced to log in and stay connected just to play a single-player game. Steam is only part of that problem, but it's certainly a big part.

Maybe you could try this thing called Google when you haven't heard of something. It's a big old internet.

I'm almost sure you are

I'm almost sure you are confusing two things here:- Steam distribution (downloader service)- Steam DRM (online, authentication checks)Does Steam distribution channel force the Steam DRM on games distributed by it? I wouldn't be so sure - there is at least one example of a game suggesting otherwise, and it is from this very genre: Dungeons of Dredmor are distributed DRM Free, through Steam. Really, I have just launched it, without Steam running, before finishing previous sentence.

Steam distribution vs. Steam DRM

I understand the distinction just fine. Thus the part about "I understand why DarkGod wants in on Steam's distribution and exposure network."

Frankly, I went and upvoted it on Steam days ago - it's a great game; I donated months ago; and I wish him all possible success in all possible venues.

I just consider Steam's whole business model tainted by the DRM practices. So do lots of other people. You could look it up.

I don't usually go out of my way to tell people what to think about it, though. In this case, I probably jumped salty at karzon's use of "Period."

If karzon didn't mean to say, "*I've* never heard of that thing you mentioned, so obviously *you* don't know what you're talking about," then I completely over-reacted, for which my bad.

If that's what was intended, though, my response stands.

I'm several days late, but

I'm several days late, but I'll put it this way: google won't help me find the "scores of tome users who loathe steam" that shardz implied existed. My statement that I'm unfamiliar with any such people (tome user or otherwise) is every bit as irrelevant to whether or not such people exist and equally likely to be hypebole. One person's (his or mine) uninformed opinion on the subject doesn't speak for everyone.

In fewer words: I can make gross generalizations too, and claim they're relevant. Why argue with mine and not his?

Good luck on this Darkgod

Great game, great community. Really hope this hits steam. It really deserves the popularity it will gain from being there.


YES! Yes yes yes yes. I have long pointed people here when 'roguelikes' and such came up, because ToME4 is rock solid. Would love to see it hit steam and get proper attention.


It must be on steam. Period.

I must be dumb, because I

I must be dumb, because I don't see how you can vote on that page... There are only two buttons: "would you buy this?" or "no, thanks", and both don't do anything visible. No "rate games" tab or "rate" buttons, no "this game has attained x% of positive ratings" as seen in this picture from the help page: http://cdn.steamcommunity.com/public/images//sharedfiles/ig/Banner_2.jpg

Do you have to buy something on the site? Download steam?

You probably have to be

You probably have to be logged into your steam account (they're free). Then just click the "thumbs up" button as shown at the top of that image. I'd also guess it's possible they only let accounts that've bought games in the past vote, to prevent fraud.

I was connected, so no vote

I was connected but I don't get the thumbs up button, just a stupid "would you buy?" button doing nothing, so no vote for me...

"Would you buy it" is the

"Would you buy it" is the rating I believe

DG is correct

DG is correct, the "would you buy" button IS the thumbs up button. It's just gotten a new name and look is all. There's even a thumbs up as part of the button. It isn't "doing nothing" it's how games get selected to join steam.

Wonder if there's any chance

Wonder if there's any chance it would ever end up on gog.com

And Linux?

Steam is going to support Linux and it's now possible to set it as a supported platform.
Please add it!