New b43 charsheets incomming!

B43 is right around the corner and it brings a whole slew of niceness!

One of them being a new format for online charsheets, you can see a preview here:

This is (should) both better looking and a better system internally. Previously charsheets were saved as a json dump witth some bis of html formating embeded, which makes them very hard to parse by third party and makes it uneasy to change the display.
B43 introduces a new sysem which outputs json dumps of a much better parsability. I will probably later on open public APIs on to allow searching the vault and retrieving charsheets :)

Sweet! Those look really

Sweet! Those look really nice. Looking forward to the next release a lot!

Website improvements


Just round those long decimal numbers eg. 58.366666666667

And while we are improving the website:

If I may suggest 2 small improvements (IMO) to the website.

Very very attractive!

I like the new look. If I might make an observation though, there seems to be a lot of whitespace to the right of each section and some wasted space in the middle frame. Would it be possible to tighten up the sections somewhat and make them go two across?

Also in response to Canderel's suggestion for darker links - darker on a dark background makes them harder to read, wouldn't you think? If anything they should be lighter!

The do span more across if your screen has enough space

At 1920x1080 I get 3 columns by default. If I zoom in it goes to 2 or 1. Zom out you can get 5 columns. If I zoom out enough I get 8...

Regarding the link colours, I posted the second part of the link in a dark color. Do you find it harder to read? I dunno, my mind just says white is "normal" text and other colors are interesting stuff.

Talents could be sorted

Generic and class talents semmed to be mixed together.
Dividing them in separate sections would make it better, because they are divided in the game also.