Clarifying the donator-class thing: how I see things

Hi my fellow players!

RC1 introduced something I worked on a long time: a donator-only class, the amazing Stone Wardens!

While I have not seen people complain about it being donation locked, after all the whole hugeness of the game is free for all, I want to explain how things will work.
I do plan to add more donator classes/races/... whatever; however because I also believe in free softwave (and because I know that even 5 euros is a lot in some parts of the world or for people in bad financial situations) I will do as follow:
Once a new donator class/race/... is ready, the previous one will be integrated into the main game, available for all.

This way donators get early-access but in the end all shall enjoy while I still get donations, because .. well .. I love free software but I also love eating ;>
The other donator features are just little "extras" and not content related so no change for those.

I hope you'll continue to enjoy ToME for the years to come and keep tuned for the announcement of V1 sometime soon!

PS: remember to vote for your favorite roguelikes on (hopefully this will include ToME ;> )

That sounds like a good

That sounds like a good balance to me. All of the donation bonuses just add different ways of playing the game, instead of changing the core game for every character.

that sounds like a GOD!

well subject explained the bodyXD DARKgod

honestly, DG, I think you

honestly, DG, I think you should leave donator features like this as Donator only. If someone is seriously going to complain about spending a couple of bucks to unlock these features, I don't think they deserve to enjoy the work you put into them. :\

Well played!

This is the best way I've seen anyone handle that kind of thing. Thanks!
@belmarduk: some of us live in countries where online donation is not possible. I would donate if I could.


Loved the idea, I will even use something like that in my projects too ;)

Donator Races?

Don't forget Donator-only Races, too. :)

I, for one, am still holding out hope for Kobolds -- a race of short, time-shifted and dimension lost dragonkin, with an innate resistance to Paradox. ;)

In my head-canon, they fell out of TE2 when that game wound down, and landed in TE4 in a confused heap. They're "lead" by Bejik, a Kobold Monk-turned-Tourist.

"Bejik not gonna save world today. Bejik on VACATION!"

You alleviated my fears now,

You alleviated my fears now, concerning the donator-only content. Now shut up and take my money ;-)