Tales of Maj'Eyal is on Desura!

Great news my fellow minions!


Since this night ToME is now available on Desura!



I am sorry if people were confused by the lack of announcement here; it actually took me by surprise that it was enabled last night; and since I was already asleep ... ;)

Anyway, go grab some! The desura buyers get a full donator account as any donators would.



Tales of Maj'Eyal

Nice! I hope you get lots of

Nice! I hope you get lots of new players and donators through that.


It's very nice! PayPal does not work with my bank cards, but Desura took it.

It is only one problem now: I can't launch game throught Desura. When I try, it mumbles: "Failed to launch item Tales of Maj'Eyal, File is not valid exe [%STEAMEXE%]. [61.0]". I don't understand: how Steam (which I don't use) is connected to Desura?

Also, when I launch my usual version of game I don't know, where to paste CD-key, given by Desura.

UPD: DarkGod said "Sure, simply go to Te4.org and redeem the key on your existing account http://te4.org/key-redeem" And it is really working!

Just bought it on Desura!

Been playing for the past week and I've been loving it so far so I went ahead and purchased it on Desura to support ya'll and help out! :D

It's probably better to

It's probably better to donate money directly to Darkgod through this website, rather then buy it from Desura. This way 100% money goes to developer... Nevertheless it's great that you've donated. TOME4 is awesome.

While it is better to donate directly...

Some people cannot donate the regular way due to restrictive banks and all that nonsense. This is an option people can choose to use if they want. Desura is pretty fair. But if you can, I still suggest a direct donation for the obvious reasons strannik mentioned.