Tales of Maj'Eyal on Steam: Your help is needed!

My fellow players,

My minions,


Now that ToME is out of beta a new challenge lies before us: getting on Steam!

Since the release of V1 the number of votes for ToME on steam greenlight has increased a lot but this is still far from enough. We need more!

Everybody with a steam account can help, simply go to http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=93674769 and vote!

Every vote counts, tell your friends, the friends of your friends, etc... to go vote! (and to play ToME obviously)


If we all work as a team we can make it. It is my firm belief ToME is a great game and we have to show the world that it is!


Thanks, and as usual, have many many deaths in Eyal!


I have done voting for it long ago :D
although can you tell how many more votes you require? [just want to estimate the time its gonna be on steam]

No They do not say such

No They do not say such things :/
There is no number probably anyway as it's also relative to what other games get. So .. MOARRR !! :)

All my yes.

Voted. Also promising to purchase it for both myself and all my friends when it gets greenlit. :D


This game deserves to be one steam!


The quality of the Tales of Maj'Eyal community has declined since the Steam Greenlight. If this game does get put on Steam then I will probably play it exclusively offline as to not deal with the jerks that have come through into this community thanks to Steam.

No Steam.

Frankly, 'Eff Steam. They are full of whiny babies that play idiot hand holding games like CoD and think this is "Retro 8 bit quality". In other words, they still wear diapers and are not mature enough for a real game.

If there is ever a Steam version of the game, it needs to be a different compile with the default chat channel separate from the one your devoted minions use.