Facebook integration on te4.org

My dear minions,

I have added facebook integration to te4.org, which brings multiple benefits:
  • new users can register very easily by simply using their facebook account (with an optional name change to protect their privacy)
  • existing users can bind their profile to their facebook account
  • profiles bound to a facebook accounts can select to publish a facebook message when they achieve great things in the game (like killing the Master, winning, ...); this is obviously configurable and have been made to try to not send many posts.

Have fun in Eyal!

Some people don't like facebook

I don't like this
people who don't use or have facebook would usually be disadvantaged by this in their games when compared to people who use facebook and have it integrated with ToME and liked the page

also I'd imagine that achievements going to facebook would be annoying to people who don't play the game, or computer games/video games in general

So by liking the game on

So by liking the game on facebook you get benefits that donors don't get? (Like more pushes of special zones by the server) Or do donors also get this?

I agree. Facebook

I agree. Facebook integration? Sure, I don't care. Won't use it personally. Facebook integrated-only advantages? Please no

These are really hardly

These are really hardly advantages. They're a few new zones, hardly a difference maker in the long run. They may provide, what, 2 levels at max? There's plenty of experience.

bad idea

This is flat-out wrong and starts us down a slippery slope. No one should have an actual advantage over anyone else when playing the game. And this is coming from a contributor.

Fine. Removed.

Fine. Removed.

Thank you for reconsidering.

I hate the site in question and refuse to use it. I just wanted to say thanks for considering our thoughts against this idea.

Players who use the site will gladly like your page there without a bribe.

I am sure I am not alone in my feelings on this. Thanks for reconsidering.

If anyone is wondering why I refuse to use Facebook, it was the very first impression that made me feel cheated. I got an e-mail from a relative I rarely talk to "Inviting" me to Facebook. So I bothered to join to see why the relative in question invited me there. Then before I could find out, other relatives I knew were asking me why I had "invited" them to join Facebook. That was the last time I ever used the site.

It may have been a mistake that it did this, but it never asked me permission to invite everyone I ever knew. (It was worded in a way that suggested *I* sent the invite.)

I am a Donator, and I intend to buy a Desura copy of the game, and the Steam copy too if it ever manages to pass the Greenlight waiting room. We may not be wealthy, but we minions will continue to support you. You do not need Facebook. :)


I think the gameplay advantage was marginal enough that doing this for the free advertising was completely justified -
it's not like you can't get the same benefit from leaving Tome open while you're doing something else for a few hours.

Just an aside, for stuff like this temporary boosts are a pretty good option for pleasing everybody. Most people (including the facebook averse) aren't gonna be too stressed about giving people who 'like' the facebook page a boost for a couple of weeks or a month. It's the idea that they're permanently disadvantaged by not using social media that is stressing them out.

Some people are always gonna get prompted by a bribe ;)

As a Facebook user, I was

As a Facebook user, I was quite happy enough to like ToME on Facebook with no special incentives whatsoever, simply because I wanted my friends to know about this great game, and wished to be updated on Facebook about ToME stuff.

yeah I agree with Klapaucius

yeah I agree with Klapaucius and The Rani (last two posts)
I was hoping to flood my facebook (and all my 6 "friends") with news about tome achievements, the pervert that I am hoping to convert my non-rpg-playing friends into trying tome...

But doesn't really matter, tell you that! Tome is amazing, without facebook or with.
What my "friends" and friends think doesn't (shouldn't) matter anyway, eh?

closet obsession

ToME is a closet obsession of mine and I really don't want to sour my cool reputation by having ToME post to my facebook wall.

So is it out now?

Nothing stops you (anyone) from actually handwriting a post with a screenshot that they've killed the master, and mentioning the Tales of Maj'Eyal page in the post.