Evil deed: I wasted 200 years of mankind's time!

From the stats at http://te4.org/game-statistics:
Total play time: 200 years 237 day(s) 3 hour(s) 4 minute(s)

Yes, ToME made mankind lose 200 years, and it keeps counting!
I am so pround, my evil plan of world domination is coming along just fine!

Carry on my minions, carry on!

Hehe, I foresee a lot more

Hehe, I foresee a lot more time being wasted in the future. :)

200 years and no Burninator

200 years and no Burninator class? That is just wrong.

200 years well spent!

200 years well spent!

What no beerscape!?

The 200 year prohibition must end!

200 And Climbing

At least I can claim 1 month of it, and it's 1 month I will never regret.

More than 200 years

Are you counting time spent developing add-ons and modules? More like 400 years :)