Profile Balance, Steamtech UI DLC, Voratun Coins... oh my goodness!

My minions,

Over the last days I've worked very hard to upgrade to handle donations better and to allow many new things.


Balance Tab

First thing, you may have noticed a new "Balance" tab in your user profile which list all donations, DLC purchases, game purchases (like on Steam, Desura, ...) and so on.

Check that yours seems ok, if not please report it on ToME's forums.


Voratun Coins

Voratun coins are awarded for each donation you make, for each purchase on Steam, ... for 10 coins per euros.

Voratun Coins are used to acquire DLCs and to unlock donator features.

*Every* donators get the donator features unlocked, even if they donated less than the "default" cost (60 coins), to keep in-line with the way things worked and just because I like being nice.

This means if you donated 5€ your balance will show -10 coins remaining, this is not a bug.



For people who go above the minimal donation there is now the possibility to acquire DLCs. Yes I've said the D-word!

But DarkGod I thought you were a nice guy!

Well I hope I am yes (a nice dark god of pain and withering obviously!) but this does not prevent me from thanking people that go out of their way to support the game, does it ? :)

But DarkGod, does this means you will never give anything for free anymore?

Not at all my good friend! Updates to Tales of Maj'Eyal have always happened and will keep on doing so, for it is something I like doing. New DLCs will come yes, but free will always be free as I hope I have proven more than enough :)

You can find all the available DLCs there:


Steamtech UI DLC

This is the first, and currently only, available DLC which can be found there:

This is the very same you can get on Steam (for the same price too obviously), as many people have requested to be able to grab it even though they do not have Steam. Now they can!

I wanted to have this available sooner but it required all the other stuff to be working first.


Now my minions, go donate, go grab DLCs, and most importantly, go enjoy the game (and die many deaths to fuel my Throne of Tears!)


so many questions... I have purchased the game in a few places, I have used only one key here (there was no reason to use others before), how do I add the others to my profile? Also, buying the DLC here will I get it on Steam too?

You can redeem your other

You can redeem your other keys there: :)
As for having it on steam too; yes but I need some setup on valve part yet. (The version downloaded from will alreayd work on steam version though obviously)

Wondering on status of purchasing DLC here = on steam too

Just wondering if there's an update on the "As for having it on steam too; yes but I need some setup on valve part yet." Of course as you add more DLC I _have_ to buy it all, it'd be lovely if I didn't have to buy it in two places to get it, though.

If you have said it somewhere else, I am sorry. I was also unsure where to ask, so if this is the wrong place just say!


Actually I've just had a

Actually I've just had a reply from steam, they have flipped the correct switches so it should be possible now.
I'll try to enable that on my side soon then :)

That's great news! Thanks for

That's great news. Thanks for replying so quickly!

Edit; and I see you've already done it, brilliant!