Announcing: Ashes of Urh'Rok

My minions, I am back from my little vacation and have some exciting news for you!

Eyal orbits a star called Shandral, but it is not the only world to do so. A world known as Mal'Rok to its inhabitants also orbits it, a world famous for many creatures that hail from it: creatures that people on Eyal call "demons".
The demons have one goal: the invasion of Eyal, by any means necessary.


Ashes of Urh'Rok will be the first expansion for Tales of Maj'Eyal. The idea for it is old, as is some of the code, but was on hold until I got the few remaining ideas needed, and I have them now!
So rather than delay it until after the Orcs campaign (which is bigger), I have decided to quickly finish it and release it to my minions as soon as possible (which is soon, even if I'll never give a date for a release ;) ).

It is a "small" expansion, comparatively to the orc campaign, yet brings some fun features:
- Play as a Doombringer class, a master of destruction and pain that binds demonic forces to channel power through her massive two handed weapon.
- Unlock the Demonologist class, a sword & board fighter that enhances her battle prowess by summoning demons and grafting them onto her weapons and armour. Powerful demonologists can even call upon the echoes of the Spellblaze itself.
- Play through a new starting zone, the Searing Halls, to escape your demonic masters.
- Survive the abduction attempts from the demons and discover new zones.
- Discover the real reason for the demons' wrath toward Eyal with the various lore pieces to be found.
- Experience the "tinker" system, originally developed for the orcs campaign, that lets you attach items to your equipment.
- Unlock multiple demonic "cosmetic" features for many races.
- Earn new achievements.
- Find new demonic artifacts.
- New custom made music and graphics.

Now my minions, you simply need to wait patiently in line while your local God of Darkness prepares to unleash the Ashes of Urh'Rok upon you!

One last thing my minions, to whet yet another appetite: work has also begun on the class that will eventually replace the Stone Wardens as the donator bonus: Possessors. No I will not say one more word ;)

This is so exciting!

Sounds fun

Implementing old code...

Will we be able to fly around in the fortress yet? :D

Nope ! But that too will come

Nope ! But that too will come someday ;)

Ooh, possessors

Wasn't there something like that back in OldToME? Next we'll be getting Death Molds again :D

(weird doublepost)

(weird doublepost)

Does this mean Stone Wardens

Does this mean Stone Wardens are going F2P or being removed?

The plan has always been to

The plan has always been to go free to use when another special class came along. I don't think they would possibly be removed. OTOH, while the original statement was that the next new class would do it, he decided to save 'special' very unique classes to be the donator class. (Which again, to the best of my understanding, there would be one of at a time)


Hey! I just donated right before seeing this news update. Looks like I know where my shiny new coins are going ;)

Sounds really really good,

Sounds really really good, but what really made me wet my pants was the mention of possessors.

Likewise. Pants status:

Likewise. Pants status: UNFORTUNATE

Sounds interesting

I haven't played in a while and this sounds like something I could enjoy as a nice "Welcome back".
Hopefully you manage to finish it sometime soon but I'd rather have it working and ready than broken and early.

Very nice! The new content

Very nice! The new content looks really exciting! What's the price gonna be for Urhrok?

That's good news ^^


Can't wait for that! (well, I don't mind waiting if it means more greatness in the end)



e: A possessor made me type that please help


Unlockable !

I do hope new classes will be unlockable and not available right after purchasing the DLC !!!!

One is yes :)

One is yes :)

Yay Demons!

I'm pretty excited for more TOME content, especially one that explores some of the less prevalent lore in the main game.

Curse you soon(tm)!Can we

Curse you soon(tm)!

Can we at least get an idea if we're looking at somewhere closer to a couple days, weeks, or months? Because soon means very different things to different people.

I want to summon demons!

Maybe I should satisfy myself with a demon mage in the mean time.

P.S. Any chance of a new race coming with it?

One Darkgod Time Unit ;)

One Darkgod Time Unit ;)


DG pls u tease

That I do, indeed :)

That I do, indeed :)

DGTUs are too long x.x

DGTUs are too long x.x

playing before beating base game

DarkGod - is it wise to play with this exp. when i didn`t beat base ToME4 yet? Plot-wise?

Oh boy! I haven't played for

Oh boy! I haven't played for like a year.
I will wait till the expansion to come back again.


For a moment, I thought you said Professors.

One Month Anniversary

We are one month closer to the release of AU, just another (REDACTED) to go and we'll get to enjoy demony goodness. I can hardly wait! :)

Oh boy.

Possessors like in PosChengBand? Or more like the old school Tome 2.X series?