Ashes of Urh'Rok released!

My minions,

Many years ago I started working on Tales of Maj'Eyal, it has always been a pleasure and privilege to create a game loved by so many and today I am pround to say a new stone has been put on ToME's wall: Ashes of Urh'Rok, the first expansion to the game has been unleashed upon the world!


Discover the reasons behind the demons increasing presence on Eyal, play as two new classes, a new race or simply find new potent artifacts. Play with new events and explore the world of Eyal from a new point of view!

The board is set, it is up to you to move the pieces now.


Ashes of Urh'Rok is available from ( ) and Steam ( ) for 40 voratun coins / 4€.

Go grab it while it's hot! Like right now!


PS: You need to own the game either with Steam or with donator privileges to purchase Ashes, it is after all an expansion :)


Thank ye, me lord, 'tis a good time to kicke thee demon hides!

No, seriously, thank you with utmost gratitude for all the time and effort you've put into making ToME4 the best roguelike in the last couple of years. You deserve it!

Never have I met more than a bunch of determined game developers that continued with effort for years. You are of the highest caliber.

A quick question for clarification, please- Will people who purchase Ashes on-site ALSO get the expansion on Steam, and vice versa? As one who mainly plays from his Steam but would also like to play from other places, this would make a difference.


Steam confirmed

It does come through if you make the purchase on Steam (I think you have to run the game first) and below dinre says you have to follow the link on your profile for the on-site purchase to show in Steam.

There were hoops

I had to copy my TalesMajEyal folder from my SteamApps\Common directory since I couldn't find the download link or the update link but it works.

Edit: Actually it doesn't work.
So I then tried copying the DLC file from the Steam version into the standard version, also didn't work.
Ashes of Urh'Rok is showing in the Addons list and I am logged in but I can't create a Doombringer.

You might want to also list

You might want to also list in under DLC on Steam's game page: (like Steamtech UI) for easier access. :)


That was the first place I looked for it.

Also, anyone else have it listed as $3.99 USD?
Google says that it should be $5.08 USD at the current exchange rate.

The Plan has gone minorly wrong

I bought it on Steam at the reduced price with the intention of then donating the difference directly (I mostly play on Steam and I prefer having my games through Steam if possible) but the minimum donation amount is 5€...
I'm not sure what to do now.

Ah, the fun stuff of € to $,

Ah, the fun stuff of € to $, VAT and other kinkiness .. :/

As for paypal, beyond 5€ paypal takes too big of a cut :/
The donation will net you coins which you can use on the next expansion ;) (the Orcs one ! :> )

Steam/Voratun Coins

If I purchase it here will it end up being linked to my Steam account?


After you acquire the addon through, go to "My Profile" (right side), and click on the "Steam" tab. There you will find a link that you can click to activate the DLC on Steam.

item vault

Does buying the expansion also increase the size of the item vault?

I'd like to know the answer

I'd like to know the answer for this as well.

Winners Table

Will the Winner's Table be updated to include the new race and classes (along with the skirmisher class too)? It seems silly, but I really like to keep track of what I've won with on that handy table! Really looking forward to playing this right now, day 1 purchase for me, Take My Money!

Ahah well thought ;) Mind

Ahah well thought ;)
Mind posting it to the forums soI dont forget please ?

Yep, will do! Not sure where

Yep, will do! Not sure where to put it though so I'll put it in development, that sounds pretty good.

Offline + DLC

So I've got a bit of an unusual quandary, and I'm not sure there's a solution. I have donated previously, and then bought TOME on Steam, and I have just picked up the DLC as well. That said, I put 95% of my playtime in from an extremely remote location that has no internet access whatsoever, so I can't login or validate from that computer. Is there any way I could copy files over from my Steam installation and play DLC content on this Stand Alone PC?

This wasn't so much an issue when all I was losing out on was the Stone Warden, but I'd really like to play through the DLC stuff while I'm on remote here soon.

Hum can you contact me with

Hum can you contact me with the contact form please, I'll try to help :)

I have similar issue and i

I have similar issue and i would like to know the solution too. It is not that unusual.

Grabbed it while it was scalding hot ...

... and even finally forced myself into finally setting up PayPal for this ;).

From the first impression, it looks sweeeeeet! Can't wait to have more time and go for some thorough expoloration.

Thanks DG - awesome work as ever :).

Can't download

I bought the game through Steam awhile ago and just picked up the expansion. Running the game at home through Steam worked just fine, and the Balance sheet under my profile says I've bought the expansion. I can't seem to get it to download the expansion for my work PC though, which can't connect through Steam, and which keeps telling me I don't have enough coins. Help! My lunch break is coming up soon!

Woops! Forgot to enable that

Forgot to enable that sorry, fixed!


Awesome! Thanks for the quick fix.

Still broken

I still can't seem to get this to work. The download link now just sends me a 0KB .teaac file. I tried grabbing my .teaac file from the Steam download, but there's no demonologist on the creation screen. Any thoughts?

Demonologist needs to be

Demonologist needs to be unlocked. Only Doombringers are unlocked from the start. :P

I do have Demonologist

I do have Demonologist unlocked, since I've been playing through Steam. Still, there is no slot for the Demonologist, locked or otherwise - nor Doombringer or Doomelf.

0 size download fixed, sorry

0 size download fixed, sorry about that :/

i buy extension on steam, on

i buy extension on steam, on windows work fine, but on linux i have problem with steam so i play on normal client, but both steamtech and ashes have 0b size when i download it from site.

try to uncheck/check the dlc

try to uncheck/check the dlc in the game property

Make sure you have linked

Make sure you have linked your steam account on (in the Steam tab on your profile) so that ti can know you own the expansion

steam tab on site say, that i

steam tab on site say, that i own game on steam, and my balance mention that i have both dlc. still size of downloading dlc is 0B by browser

W00PS! Mightly sorry, I added

Mightly sorry, I added the steam check to the dlc page itself but not the downloader :/


Winner's table

So, would DLC classes/race be included to the general table in the winner's tab?

Not enough coins????

Huge fan here. Heard of release of Ashes of Urh'Rok and rushed to buy. Bought Tales a long time ago. Tried to buy Ashes of Urh'Rok thru steam and was informed I needed to buy tales first. Tried to buy Ashes of Urh'Rok thru TE4 website and was informed I didn't have enough coins. So, donated 5 euro and got 50 coins. Now I go to the Ashes of Urh'Rok page and click the 'Get it now' button at the bottom, only to be told I still don't have enough coins.

Why isn't this incredibly easy? What am I doing wrong?

Next expansions

I'm buying this expansion right now on te4 site and I have the game on steam already.
I'm curious if I'll be able to get next expansions by Steam?