Ashes of Urh'Rok 1.0.1 is out!

My dear minions,


I have published an update to Ashes of Urh'Rok that fixes and enhances quite a few things and in a burst of great originality I have decided to nickname it "1.0.1" :)

If you are using ToME 1.2.5 it should autoupdate it for you. Steam people will need to wait an hour or two until I finish uploading the build there.



  • Fixed the Black Wall
  • Fixed Revenant
  • Blighted Path does not charge up when hitting walls
  • Demon Seed cant be used by NPCs
  • Nerfed Blood Shield from 35% flat armor to 15%
  • Fixed Acid Cone to not ask for a target and gave it sane damage numbers
  • Changed the penetration offhand seeds to give a resist+flat damage armor for that element
  • Changed the Silence on thaurhereg to an on hit proc
  • Fixed Corrosive Slashes having armor pen and changed it to a 15,65 CTL
  • Replaced Champion of Urh Body bonus with +strength, max life, and magic
  • Buffed forge-giant reduction effect to 40%
  • Fixed Share the Pain with traps
  • Dark Reign and Dread End are both limited to 1 proc/turn, but proc on damage >10% of the target's max HP in addition to kills
  • Dread End now gives a negative life bonus to Dark Reign at level 3
  • Dread End pools now spawn on top of random enemies in radius 8
  • Dread End and Erupting Darkness no longer have friendly fire of any kind
  • Blood Pact redesigned: it now costs 10% of your current life and gives 100% darkness damage conversion for 1 turn and, if Dark Reign is already up, gives stamina/vim per stack
  • Revamped Haste of the Doomed to allow you to teleport up to 4 spaces twice within the same turn
  • Fixed the Searing Halls level 2 sometimes not having a portal "down"
  • Fix Cauterize Spirit cleansing "other"
  • Make Cauterize Spirit debuff stop resting
  • Nerf Hope Wanes by around 1 turn and change to other so it can't be extended in any way
  • Fixed overwhelming fear
  • Nerfed somewhat the first zone npcs
  • Inferno Nexus and Devouring Flames reworked and merged.
  • New Heart of Fire Talent: Fiery Aegis
  • Fearscape Aura cut and replaced with Maw of Urh'Rok.
  • Incinerating Blows stun now has cooldown
  • Some doombringer damage nerfs
  • Burning Sacrifice changed somewhat to go with changed incinerating blows.
  • Fix Fearscape shift aoe dot going through walls
  • Fix fiery grasp


Have fun in the Fearscape!

Addon doesn't update

Much praise for the game, but I've encountered a problem. I have both the GOG version of tha base game and Asher of Uhr'Rok.
The game however doesn't auto-update the expansion at startup. It's marked as active in the addons menu, and when I leave that menu the text at the bottomm of the main menu says "Retrievieng addons to update" and then "Update complete" or something simillar. There are no changes though, nothing gets updated. Also there are no addons at all listed under the addons tab in my oneline profile. Is this a related problem? Please advise.

RE: Addon doesn't update

Hi Zajcew,

Just so you know but we, GOG, have uploaded new installers for the Ashes of Urh'Rok DLC so you can update the game by just re-downloading the DLC installer for your OS :)

Have a nice day! :)

Thanks for the tip, I already

Thanks for the tip, I already did as you sugested.
I would however like a solution to this problem because automatic updates are so much more convenient.

Hum strange, anybody else

Hum strange, anybody else having the same issue ?

I had that issue on the Linux

I had that issue on the Linux version of the game on my system at home. I was connected, logged in my profile, and I was experiencing the same thing Zajcew is/was experiencing:

"Retrieving addons to update" and then "Update complete"

but nothing got updated as the Maw of Urh'Rok was not present in the Doombringer's skill trees screen.