Ashes of Urh'Rok 1.0.2 is out!

My minions,


Here comes a small update to Ashes of Urh'Rok!

The game should auto-update it when you launch it (it may take a few hours more on Steam until all builds are updated).



  •     New decorations to the anteroom of agony
  •     Fiery Aegis now works correctly with other shields
  •     Learning and unlearning Bind Demon level 1 in the same levelup screen should not remove weapon seed slot anymore
  •     Cultists event is now 27% chance per zones it can spawn instead of 10%
  •     Wheel of Fate no longer looses its seed when reroll, if it had one
  •     Fixed Fiery Aegis interracting with damage shields


Have fun in Eyal!

" Wheel of Fate no longer

" Wheel of Fate no longer looses its seed when reroll, if it had one"

A moment of remembrance to all the poor demon souls that were lost to a cruel twist of fate

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Maj'Eyal

I think the new mod, stuntofthelitter and I talked about every one of these but the decorations. I just wanted to say I'm glad Stunt is a part of your team now, as in my experience he's always been an excellent code


He's good, use him.

Lol :) I call them "minions"

Lol :)
I call them "minions" :)

Wheel of Fate and Cursed Aura

Does the Wheel of Fate still change its curse upon re-roll? I know I used that re-roll to change its curses on the Cursed/Doomed classes when I sunk a category point into Defiling Aura.